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What are some SEO tips that you use to grow your eCommerce business?
Hi all,

What are some SEO tips that you use to grow your eCommerce business?

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5 Steps use to grow your eCommerce business
⦁ Make Your Site Easy to Understand.
⦁ Create & Manage a Blog
⦁ Acquire Inbound Links.
⦁ Get Active on Social Media.
⦁ Claim Your Local Accounts & Encourage Good Reviews.
You need to produce unique product descriptions. Why? The descriptions written by manufacturers are distributed to all the other online stores selling the same product as you and most of them don’t change the descriptions. So, what search engines now see are multiple websites with the same content. Not good from an SEO perspective and not good from a sales perspective.

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Make sure that your website is onpage optimize first, because ecommerce site are prone to bounce rate and it is bad signal.
Follow SEO guidelines, if you think your site is established then make a good marketing strategy. Always put your audience on top of your priority.

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