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Ways to make money from Twitter
People are earning huge money from twitter around me. But nobody is telling the truth how they earn.

Would you please be kind enough to share some ways of earning money from Twitter?

Thanks in advance.
Twitter is one of the best platform for promoting business.There are more than 300 million users who can visit your business page easily which ultimately help you to get targeted traffic .Creating Communities and Fan pages are more in trend for boosting sales .agence communication facebook provides best ideas for marketing on Twitter .Get more details by visiting
if we have good followers over twitter then we can promote our products on that platform and can make money...
A Shoutout is a paid image that is posted on popular Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Vine. Get thousands of impressions on your business, product, website, profile or whatever it is you are trying to get exposure to. To Buy Shoutouts,it's Completely Safe & Anonymous.

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