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Waxing summer floor
<P>This special wood flooring moisture-proof film can be applied to the surface of the wooden floor, wood flooring to prevent damp surface effect.</P>
<P>In order to maintain the appearance of solid wood flooring or parquet and extend the life of the paint, the new flooring is best to use less wood oil and solid wax. Some poor quality oil sprayed on the floor surface, it will infiltrate the cracks in the floor, although increased brightness, but walk up will be crunching, but affect the results. And once the floor is sprayed with essential oils, it is hard to deal with the dust. The role of wood oil is to make the floor brightness is good.</P>
<P>Early thunderstorm thunderstorms will come from time to time. In this wet weather, wood flooring is very easy to expand, deformation, arch. Xiao Bian remind: Let the wooden floor safely through the wet rainy season, not only in the pavement well waterproof and moisture treatment in advance, but also more care on weekdays, in order to cure damp wood flooring problem, so in complex weather In the condition, the wooden floor must be properly maintained.</P>

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