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Vacation ideas

Europe is a great destination: our favourite is the German / Bavarian area - Castle Neuswanstein - and Austrian Alps - with the waterfalls.
Rome is forever, and of course France with its Castles at Loire!

Yeah, Definitely, Europe is one of the best options for the travelers and they love to have some fun there again and again. I am so sure that this is going to be a great way of fun for me as i will be there after my trip to niagara falls from boston. and will surely enjoy there. What say buddy, did you ever go there?

I do love Europe so much and i am quite sure that being at this one would be just so much cool and fun filled. Trying awesome sort of things like these out always has been something really very special. This always has been made so much awesome always to try a new place like this and have fun on on there.

Europe is one of the most amazing and beautiful kinds of place for having some fun there ahead a lot. it will be so much stunning and worth seeing. I will love to be there again before my las vegas tours. Cause it fascinate me a lot and will have extra amazing time while my tour.

I will suggest Reviews and Feedback GoldenBusTours for more vacation ideas. I found always beneficial for me always hope you guys will also get useful stuff.

Enjoyed excursion Niagara Falls with family!!

Taraa, i will consider your suggestion very soon. I am so fed up these days by getting home and i am sure that this will be really a good way of fun.

(03-05-2017, 03:02 AM)Utazas_hajoutak Wrote:  This year we are going to get to Alaska including some coursing around the glaciers. Really exciting.

Other nice destinations will be: Madeira (with levada walks), Austrian Alps (I like the gorges), Thailand, then next year Mexico / Dominica.

What other destinations would you suggest?

Hi there!! I really like your travel plan. I am sure you will have a great time there Alaska and Thailand are my favorite places too. I would love to talk about these places in person had visited there or had interest exploring them. Well dude let me know about your further plans. Also, I am going to suggest you to add Venice to your bucket list. This is a lovely place, which is must to see.

Taraa, I like your suggestion and i am sure too, this will be mesmerizing time for travelers. Alaska and Thailand no doubt are really amazing places and will have such a good and most amazing time with it. I will also plan something like it and will have some of the good time.

I am glad you like my suggestions and yeah definitely you will have good travel time while you will be there. Must share your travel plan with me. I am sure there will be something excited about traveling.

Well, Right now, I am thinking to have some short trips in USA. It is really quite bored for me to spend out the time this way a lot ahead. Traveling is limited these days and really annoying for me to sit at home.

You are right, it's quite boring to be at home so far. I just got to know that Niagara Falls is open for tourists. I am not sure and as I will get a confirmation about this news, I will pack my bag to Niagara Falls. What about you???

Enjoyed excursion Niagara Falls with family!!

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sounds great! Tnx for the ideas

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