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Vacation ideas

This year we are going to get to Alaska including some coursing around the glaciers. Really exciting.

Other nice destinations will be: Madeira (with levada walks), Austrian Alps (I like the gorges), Thailand, then next year Mexico / Dominica.

What other destinations would you suggest?

I really like to say that you have planned a good trip for having an amazing time. This is a nice place for begetting a good time. Other attractions which you have shared here are also very cool and so sure you will have a rocking time there. Anyway, let me know what you like to do there?

Have you ever enjoyed sf to hearst castle?

This is something really great kind of fun plan that you have. I just so much sure about that it would be really amazing for you to be there around these all places. I am sure that you will have an outstanding time ahead for sure. really best of luck or it.

Well, This is really nice and I am so sure that this will be a great time period for me and for all others too. So have a great time there and keep sharing like this time. By the way, Asabell, what you are thinking to move on next?

Really loved the shared stuff. This is something so much great. I am sure that people are gonna find this one so much useful for all as. Surely getting information like this would be just so much great as this. Surely trying sort of stuff like this would be just so much cool for me.

Madeira is one of my favourites! Envy you Smile

Anyhow Rome and the Mediterranean area would be another great destination. In terms of uniqueness try Peru with the Inca heritage - you'll love that. The Nazca lines are interesting but be prepared for the flight: you'll probably feel unwell due to the frequent turnings [sea/air sickness].

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I must say that Madeira is a place tha i have never heard of it yet in my whole life. But surely this will be a great time period for me if i get any kinds of place for having some fun there for sure. I will surely like to make a move around the world so much. So have a great time there and keep sharing like this time.

Madeira is a beautiful region in Portugal. I have visited this destination few years back and I spent such a lovely time there with my mates. Me and all my friends want to go there once again and we have decided that next vacations we will spend there will enjoy to be there once again and will recall our old memories. I am so sure our vacations will become marvellous and remarkable for all of us. What you think about it?

All of shared good suggestions for vacations. I think Thailand is best for vacations tour. Thailand's attractions diverse and each provides rewarding and memorable experiences in its own way. I shared some attractions names of Thailand, Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Phi Phi Islands and Ko Pha Ngan. The visitors go there and had enjoying time there.

thanks for the suggestions so far, I'm looking forward having other idas

I would like to say that all members have shared nice information with you. That's really good and now like to talk about Grand Palace. This is my favorite place and always like to have fun on this lovely destination with mates. let me know have you ever been there?

Grand Palace, Thailand - does ring bells...
Madeira: "Levada" walks are great with the waterfalls and the Japanese Garden looks beautiful, too. BTW Waterfalls: have you ever been to Krimml (Austria)? That is the biggest (by height) waterfall in Europe, amazing. The biggest is Schaffhausen - that's awesome, too.

Grand Palace is the most famous and attractive Building complex. I also explored there and spend a great time with my friends. It has a lot of attractions in it which inspair to the visitors. It is my most favaorite place for exploring but in these days I am making a plan go for Washington DC. But I have no idea about travel package to Washington DC. You members have stuff about this travele share with me.

I would recommend you to go to Europe some day. There are many beautiful cities where you can have a really great vacation. We were in Paris last year, and it was totally awesome. It was great that we stayed in one of the apartments from which is situated in the very center of the city. It had been my biggest dream to visit France, and I was really pleased with it!

Yes, No doubt in it that Europe is one of the most amazing and beautiful kinds of place for having some fun there a lot. I have decided to be there after my niagara fall trip from new york and seriously this is going to be a great way of fun for sure. So keep it more up and try to have some fun there ahead.

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