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VPS which is good for e-commerce project ...
VPS accounts from legionbox.com and yourlasthost.com, so which is good for hosting an e-commerce project, what do you think?
You need to choose a VPS provider who's datacenter is geographically close to your target audience. Also a host that is fairly close to you, since you'll be the one accessing the VPS the most.

I can recommend Rockhoster.com if you need Netherlands VPS accounts at cheap rates.
The host has the team of professionals who know how to keep their services on top.
In my opinion, VPS accounts from legionbox(DOT)com is the best choice, and you can host an e-Commerce project using their services. Their prices are absolutely nice and they offer high performance and high uptime OpenVZ VP. They have data centers in multiple places in USA and EU, and provide 24/7/365 customer support.
I really appreciate, now I realized that moving my web site to INSIGHT WEB HOSTING was a clever decision...
Their service offers me much freedom when creating my sites with support for PHP, MySQL, PERL and all that good stuff.
I think that really good hosting for your request, it is SSD VPS from vikhost.com. All VPSs have 1Gbps connection, fast SSD, Linux/Windows OS, free install/reinstall etc.
We offer VPS & Dedicated Servers

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