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Using PHP variables with JavaScript
You can use PHP variables with JavaScript the same way you do with HTML.You can add the variable to the JavaScript code. For example, the JavaScript example in the preceding section can include a PHP variable, as follows:

$string = “This page last updated: “;
echo “<script language=\”JavaScript\”>
+ document.lastModified + ‘<br>’)
// -->

The JavaScript language itself uses variables. You can set a JavaScript variable to the value of a PHP variable to use in your JavaScript code. For example, the JavaScript could be sent as follows .

$string = “This page last updated: “;
echo “<script language=\”JavaScript\”>
var message = \”$string\”;
document.write( message
+ document.lastModified + ‘<br>’)
// -->

Because JavaScript code is not executed until it reaches the browser on the client side, passing values from JavaScript variables to PHP variables can’t take place in the current page. The JavaScript value must be passed on to the next PHP script before PHP can receive it. JavaScript can pass the values on so that PHP can use them by adding them to the URL, by storing them in a cookie that PHP can read, or by sending them as a form element.

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