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Twitter Fan Page
My friend is celebrity
How to create twitter fan page ?
Anyone suggest for this?
visit: http://a4n.in
With its open design and ability to follow any public account, Twitter has become a hotspot for people to connect with celebrities, brands and news sources, in addition to individual friends. Unlike on Facebook, where there's a distinction between personal profiles and community or fan pages, Twitter accounts are all set up the same way, with the option to use your real name or keep your information more anonymous. However, you can still use Twitter to set up a feed for news and information about a favorite person, group or object.

Go to Twitter.com and log out, if you're already logged into your personal account.

Fill out the signup form on the homepage to start a new account. Use a different e-mail address than the one you used to sign up for your personal Twitter account. In the "Full name" box, rather than your real name, consider putting in a term related to the topic of your fan page -- for example, "Miley Fans" for a Miley Cyrus fan account. You can always change this later.

Complete the signup form on the next page. Twitter will suggest a username based on the "real name" you put in, but you can make it anything you choose; again, pick something related to the person or thing you'll be tweeting about.

Click "Create my account" to finish the signup process, and start tweeting. Links to news articles, retweets from other fan accounts and personal thoughts about the object of your fan page are a good place to start. However, Twitter's policies forbid you from impersonating someone, so don't pretend to be the person you're tweeting about.

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