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Trophy Hunting
The key to successful and safe trophy hunting in Namibia is the knowledge and experience of a Professional Hunter. At Ekuja Hunting Safaris we employ some of the finest hunters in Africa who will guide you through the terrain and help you track and bag the perfect trophy.

They’re highly knowledgeable in all aspects of trophy hunting – rifle, bow, handgun and muzzleloaders – and understand the unique nuances and habits of each species.

We have a No Kill, No Pay Policy...if you don't harvest the African game animal that you've booked, then you do not pay! The listed Trophy hunting Fees include Field Dressing and transportation of game to local Taxidermist. The Trophy Fees do not include the Daily Fees.

Trophy hunting fees for the following game species are subject to quotas, permits and bookings at our concessions. To avoid disappointment it is necessary to book these species at least eight weeks before your safari.

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