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Susee the smart protable spa device
Skin care is now easier than ever. Susee knows skin condition via app, and hydrates via Nano mist. Susee is probably the world’s smartest skin care gadget based on precise data analysis. It combines tech, skin care, and app usability to give spa quality skin care wherever you go and at any time of the day. Know your skin’s condition, get skin test results via app, and hydrate via Nano mist. Skin care is now easier than ever. You can have it at home, or on the go. Susee connects to your mobile by Bluetooth.Testing multiple facial features like your nose or forehead, simply press start on the app and wait for your skin test results. It's nano mist technology instantly hydrates and soothe the skin, it allows the skin to absorb water quickly and don't ruin your make-up.Susee is equipped with a smart spray switch, it protects the spray area making it very hygienic and a fashionable gadget.It's portable and lightweight, easily carry with you wherever you want to go to use whenever you need. You can know your skin results on APP and do your SPA anywhere.

If You want to know more about Susee the smart protable spa device or buy it for visit here==> Susee the smart protable spa device

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