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SuperForex company news - Superforex.com
NZD/JPY: short market review and forecast

After the brief flat trend, the rates of the NZD/USD has returned to the downward trend. The Japanese yen continues to strengthen, while the New Zealand dollar is losing positions against all currencies.
In particular, JPY has got support thanks the published data about the increased volume of exports, which in February rose by 11.3%, while the import grew only by 1.2%. Trade balance, adjusted for seasonal fluctuations, was 0,68. These indicators exceeded the forecasts and show good potential for the Japanese economy.
For the NZD we haven't received any data which could impact the rates and change the situation for NZD. Last week, data about GDP only disappointed investors more because the growth was only 0.4%, against expected growth 0.7%. But today we expect important data from the RNBZ and their decision about the interest rate. It is expected that interest rate won't be changed and left at 1.75%. Also, on Friday will be information about the volume of exports and imports in New Zealand. Investors are positive in these indicators, in particular, expect a positive trade balance for the first time since June 2016.
Considering the forecasts for the NZD, it is possible to assume that in the evening we expect a price correction as a minimum. The New Zealand dollar will stop falling, and the quotes will go to the resistance line. Oscillators MACD and Stochastics unanimously confirm that now the best moment to open the deals to BUY, upon short-term trading.

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[Image: ictq327vg0gaonvf3si2nylie.jpg]
Technical analysis of the currency pair EUR/USD on 23.03.2017. The daily chart

General analysis
At the end of last week currency pair EUR/USD has broken through the resistance level at 1.07800.
Over the last month, this level was a significant barrier of the price growth. Meanwhile the resistance 1.07800was an upper bound of the price channel 1.07800-1.05500. After breaking through the level the price has fixed above the level and now it shows so called "back testing".
According to the rules of technical analysis the possible price movement due to the penetration of the resistance line is measured by channel height. So we can see the dollar at 1.08500 in the near future.
Stochastic indicator shows us a clear Buy but the signal line is already included in the overbought zone.
Next few days
We recommend to open long positions on EUR/USD after the start of the upward movement from support at 1.07800. The point of entry must be sought at hour and half hour timeframes. You can open a buy position after formation of "doji" near the support or other reversal figures.
We recommend to set up S / L order at 1.07500.

[Image: wod0l1rxnxjkt9s4exkn136oi.jpg]
EURJPY Technical Outlook & no more Bears in the Market

Our recent report about EURJPY on March 14, we recommend you selling the pair around 122.50 when it was trading nearly to the downside trend line and we saw the pair has declined more than 300 pips and achieved our targets so today we’ll have a look the same pair again because it maybe change the future trend.

The pair is trading now at 120.10 which is strong support area because it has a trend line which has started on October 21, and it has too a correction percentage 61.8% Fibonacci from the rising wave which started from 118.20 to 122.85 so, we predict to move up a little in this tight area, but the pair is still trading below the SMA50 which is resistance moving level, the MACD is still in sell signal but the Stochastic indicator made accumulation movement and gave us a buy signal which is considered an early signal for us.

The Next Few Days

From this analysis, we can close our sell positions with +320 pips and take a buy order after the pair touched the rising trend line and keep our first target at 120.80 and the second one at the downside trend line at 122.15 that in case the pair still trading above 119.30

This week the market doesn’t have hot news from the EU or Japan so the market will be in poor volatility in the next trading days.

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[Image: tratxj3l2tuf9rhlbu46e15y7.png]
EUR/AUD: short review and forecast

The rates of EUR/AUD are in the frames of new upward trend, which has formed a month ago. The Euro strengthened against the U.S. dollar and many other currencies, including the Australian dollar (AUD). During the last few weeks we have not received any important information that would affect the Australian currency. The data that were on the market, were not enough. The iron ore prices are stable, the price of gold rising, but the price of copper is under the pressure due to increased volume of extraction. Positive statistics from Japan, the statements from China about plans to develop trade and economic relations with Australia, couldn't impact and strengthen the Australian dollar against the Euro. Thus, we can expect that the uptrend will continue in the near future.
the Euro is on the rise this days. It's strengthened against the USD, as D. Trump's reforms face with huge resistance in the U.S. Congress and successfully block all possible ways. In addition, the Eurozone, last week received a positive statistic that shows stability and growth in economy of the leading EU countries. The Eurozone PMI in March, achieved the record level for 6 years, reaching 56.7 pips. Record PMI also in Germany and France, separately. All this inspired investors, and EUR now seems more stable amid the USD, despite the official start of Brexit.
Oscillators indicate different signals. but in this situation, it is better to open the deals by the upward trend as Stochastics oscillator also confirmed and indicated good moment to open the deals to BUY.

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[Image: p4xj3nc0t2gz5pxjsv70nyuod.jpg]
Sub-introducing Broker Partnership
SuperForex now gives you the opportunity to grow your own broker network with our Sub-Introducing Broker program. It works much in the same way as our Introducing Broker type of partnership, but instead of trying to recruit more traders, the goal of the sub-IB is to attract new partners. As a sub-IB, you can take advantage of the following benefits:
  • Earn on average $25 on the most popular trading currency pairs per standard lot on trades made by your referred clients;
  • Earn unlimited 0.1 pips on new partners you attract;
  • No limit on commission per client;
  • Make Local Transfers easily;
  • Get paid on time;
  • Personal Account Manager;
  • Real-Time Reporting;
  • Promotional Materials.
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[Image: tk4am6zwr2kvhnaxmx45tjtmo.jpg]
Technical Outlook for USDJPY & Daily Chart

Since the Federal Reserve increase the interest rate last month and the US Dollar is in constant decline against the Japanese Yen from the highest level in the last two months at 115.49 to trade now at 110.40 it means more than 500 pips loss.

The USDJPY currency pair is trading now in series of corrective waves in a price channel which will lead the prices to make a correction movement to 50% and 61.8% Fibonacci, but we have a key support level at last month’s lowest prices that in case the pair broke it down we can take sell positions to make profits.

The MACD indicator is still giving us a sell signal and the bars are below the 0 value, the RSI didn’t give us the oversold sign yet, it means the pair will lose more pips.

The Next Few Days

From this analysis we can sell the pair now at 110.45 with small lot size and increase it once the pair broke the 110.15 level and keep our first target at 50% Fibo at 108.85 and the second one at 106.50 which reflect the 61.8% Fibo that in case the pair still trading below 111.70, if it broke 111.70 up we can buy it till 113.40.

We have to be careful in the upcoming hot news like the ISM nonmanufacturing PMI and the FOMC Meeting next Wednesday and the Non-Farm and jobs report on Friday

[Image: cse1d0ir14ivmtkb6r16ux7jr.jpg]
Tesla CFDs Review & Forecast
Most traders prefer to trade with currencies and don't pay attention to the possibility to earn on the shares of leading companies. If you trade with currencies, you need to analyse many factors, which often contradict each other. All this requires much of your attention, knowledge and skills as a trader. Even if you are a trader with years of experience, the risk of losses is high. In contrast, trading with contracts of difference (CFDs) is much simpler.

We offer you to start trading with CFDs now in order not to lose an opportunity to get profit. We would like to direct your attention to the shares of TESLA. This young company is growing rapidly and has enormous potential. Now everything becomes predictable as never. Volatility becomes high and it is possible to make good money. The company is rapidly increasing its production of electric cars, becoming more and more profitable. In its 14 years of operations, TESLA is near in value to the cost of Ford Motor, which is more than 110 years old.

We can confidently expect that in the future this company will become the world leader of the automotive industry amid the comprehensive transition to electric cars and the desire to save the environment. Nowadays, even countries like China are beginning to use electric cars. All car manufacturers are increasing the volumes of electric cars production; the demand for electric cars is rapidly growing. Everybody understands that electric cars are the future of the automotive industry. This will certainly increase the value of TESLA's shares - in fact, it is increasing rapidly right now.

On the chart of the #TSLA, you can see an incredibly rapid upward trend. Nowadays you won't see anything like that. We can say for sure that this trend will continue in the future. We are waiting for further rapid growth, giant hikes and price corrections, which you can use to earn a profit with any trading strategy, both long- and short-term.

Thousands of traders have already noticed the potential of TESLA and trade on it actively. Now you can join them and trade profitably with #TSLA today.

We wish you luck in your trades!

Read more articles at https://superforex.com/analytics

[Image: u1o73h7puyrxqv1xhr0zq2zq5.png]
USD/SEK – review and short term forecast.

The rates of the USD/SEK is in the frames of upward trend. Dollar continues also to strengthen against the Krone, this week. It should be noted about unusually high volatility for this currency pair. Positively impacted the dollar a strong statistics from the USA this week. Employment in the agricultural sector increased to 263К against forecasted 187К. The number of applications for unemployment allowance dropped significantly to 234 thousand. It's been predicted reductions the number of applications from 258 to 250 thousands. In addition, received information about the reduction of the trade deficit: from - 44,8 - up-to -43,6. Also, it has been noticed the FED representatives, who said that current situation in the US economy is not only allows to increase the interest rate, but need it in the near future.
As for the Sweden, the market has not received new information that could affect the value of the Swedish Krona. At the moment there are only data for February. The most significant of them are increased volume of orders in industry by 12% and the growth of industrial production at 4.1% in February, year-on-year. Trade balance has been fixed at almost zero value, and in the period December 2016 - February 2017 amounted -0.6 billion SEK.
At this moment the most optimal can be the deals on the trend, which in the medium term can generate some profit. We can expect achieving the level 9.05. Oscillator MACD also show potential to growth. Though probability of a price correction remains high, but opening the short deals, seems less promising at the moment.

Read more at https://superforex.com/analytics

[Image: 0tybyk7alj26c5v69x4uw97q5.jpg]
The GBPCAD in Crossroads & H4 Chart

When you take a look at daily chart for the GBPCAD currency pair, you will see that we have the last 3 candles are bearish candles which led the pair to 1.6513 the lowest level in two weeks after it recorded the highest 1.6798 in this month and for minutes ago the CPI released from the UK and came as the previous one at 2.3% and better than the forecasting figure at 2.2%, after this news the GBPCAD rose more than 55 pips to trade now around 1.6560.

[Image: ls31zfoncd439e9jxt1fa7ry4.png]

The pair is trading inside a wedge since last November and I think it's the time for the breaking, when we look at the pair on smaller time frame like H4 we see the pair touched the lowest level and we can't predict now it will break it or will back to rise again, the Stochastic indicator is in oversold levels it means we can buy the pair from here.

The Next Few Days

From this analysis on daily and h4 chart we have to wait for a bullish candle on H4 chart and buy the pair and place our take profit at 1.6650 at the resistance level and around the SMA and the next target at 1.6760, but if the pair didn’t form a bullish candle and broke the wedge down we can sell it and keep our target at 1.6300.
We have to be careful in the upcoming days regarding hot news like the overnight rate and monetary policy from Canada in addition to BOC press conference.

[Image: 7kfzwatlwvbqlt6kd4em4nqi6.png]
AUD/CAD: review and forecast

The upward trend of the AUDCAD chart, which steadily continued amid decreasing of oil prices and other factors, is in the risk to be completed. Rising of oil prices and strengthening the USD allowed the canadian currency to strengthened amid disappointing statistics on the economy of Australia. The support line has been broken and greatly displaced down. So, now we can see that the downtrend is formed, though it's early to talk that current upward trend is over. It can be restored next week. Australian currency may take again the initiative, considering that in the near future, the market is not expected any important data on the canadian economy.
At the same time, next week, we expect important information from China and New Zealand, which may impact the value of the Australian currency, as Australia is a leading trade partner of these two countries. Yesterday, the AUD has increased significantly during 1 day - with 0,997 - up to 1,008 CAD thanks to latest information about economy of China, where in March, exports grew 16.4% year-on-year, and imports by 20%. In particular, imports from Australia grew by 74.8%. Also, positively impacted the strengthening of the Australian dollar, strong statistics on a labour market - recent report of the Australian Bureau of statistics show "the employment change" indicator was 60.9 K, against predicted 3 times less 20.
Today, we can't expect some volatility on the market because of Easter's holiday in Australia and Canada. So the the rates of the AUD/CAD probably will come to consolidation phase, but in Monday trading will be more active and probability of a price correction will increase. Oscillators give mixed signals, but in the current situation, low volatility in the market, we can pay attention to the entry points 1,0072 and 1,0085. At the moment, upon medium-term trading, we'd recommend to open the deals to SELL, trusting the Stochastics oscillator.

Read more at https://superforex.com/analytics

[Image: zrgua74pijh0qwg0xfirh3y2k.jpg]
The EUR/JPY Review & Forecasting Uptrend

Since March 13 the EURJPY currency pair has changed the direction and became strongly down and it declined since this day till yesterday around 790 pips, so large number or big loss for the pair, but after yesterday close I think the pair finished the bleeding journey and will start rising now, so if you want to make money read all this report till the end.
Firstly, we have so strong support area and the prices gave us the buy signal let's take a look at the chart:

1. The rising wave after the Brexit on June 24 till the top on Dec 15, the pair has reached to 61.8%, and it's the golden correction percentage and expected the pair will rise from there.
the smaller rising wave from Feb 27 till March 13, the pair has reached to 161.8, the golden extension percentage.

2. The rising trend line from July 6 which the prices touched it 4 times before and rose, the prices have touched again this week and expected to rise again.

3. On the daily chart, yesterday candle is bullish engulfing candle which refers to the uptrend.

The Next Few Days

From this analysis on daily we can buy the pair now at 115.95 and keep our first target at 118.20 and the second one at 120.10 especially after we saw the RSI indicator give buy signal and rose to 37 level.
This week we don't have any hot news from the European Union or even from Japan but be careful from any unusual news can change the market direction.

Read More at https://superforex.com/analytics

[Image: tscv1p16cv92wqkewtjzveol2.png]
EUR/SGD: fundamental review and forecast

The rates of the EUR/SGD continue to be in the frames of the downward trend. It was expected that this week volatility on the market will decrease until announcement the results of the elections in France, but yesterday the UK's Prime Minister Teresa May announced about holding of early parliamentary elections. The market reacted positively and the Pound strengthened that had an impact on the value of the EUR. The decision about early elections is perceived positively because it can remove uncertainty on the question of the Brexit. Results of the UK's elections, will show surely if they move towards the exit from the EU or, in case of victory the opponents of Brexit, will finally leave this question. Thus, investors expect from new Parliament clear political and economic course. The Singapore dollar was under the significant pressure since yesterday. Stable macroeconomic statistics were unable to change anything amid significant political events, which directly affect the future of the EU.
At the moment the oscillators Stochastics and MACD unanimous in the decision to open a short deals. After a significant price hike amid the news, the rates may continue in the frames of the downtrend. Now the rates consolidated and can go down. So, upon short term trading, the deals to SELL is the best solution. Upon medium-term trading, it is better to wait few days before the election in France. Based on that results we can obtain absolutely new value of the Euro in case of victory of Marie Le Pen, otherwise it will be strengthened for some time.

Find more anaylytics reviews at https://superforex.com/analytics

[Image: 28oqz5oljba6x06dc1mr13gn0.jpg]
NZD/JPY: short market review and forecast

The NZD/JPY rates is in the frames of rapid downward trend. However, the new Zealand dollar had stopped falling and consolidated in the range 76,0 - 76,76 JPY. Yesterday it's been received important statistics related with 2 currencies. Economic statistics from New Zealand, positively impacted the NZD. The consumer price index grew in 2.2% year on year, exceeding forecasts. It is also the highest annual growth rate since 2011. For the 1st quarter of the year the index grew in 1%, slightly exceeding forecasted 0.8% level. At the moment, that was enough to stabilize the exchange rate of the NZD. In a week, the market expects new data about trade balance of New Zealand that may affect the value of the NZD.
On the other hand, the trade balance of Japan, already known, and taking into account seasonal fluctuations, amounted to only 0.17 T, although it was expected that this indicator will be 3 times more, and will be at 0.61. That's disappointed investors, although overall the economy of Japan is at good level. Volume of exports and imports grew, and exceeded predicted forecasted values. This also becomes the main growth factor of the Japanese economy in the future. Investors expect growth by 1% in 2017.
At this moment, the oscillators MACD, Stochastics, the RSI are neutral. It should be noted that since April 10, we can see formation of the flat trend, thought at the moment, it is early to say about ending of the downtrend. There're no enough preconditions for that. You should pay attention to the points of entry 76.75 and 76.2 JPY. At the moment, upon medium-term trading, it is recommended to open the short deals on the trend.

Read more at https://superforex.com/analytics

[Image: 07z0uks03yapl4irn81q41fa1.jpg]
NZD/USD: Short Review & Analysis
Today we would look at the development of the exchange rate between the New Zealand and the American dollars. Previously the pair moved within the 0.6860-6990 frame, but we saw the pair take a bullish turn as it broke above 0.7000 and it even reached the important level of 0.7100. The bullish influence continued in full heat and new heights were reached at the levels of 0.7250-0.7350, which serves as the pair’s sell zone.
The NZD/USD then finally returned to a bearish movement and dropped to 0.6960. This proved to be a weak support, as the pair tends to return to the border of the buy zone 0.6860, where we started. After touching this level the pair began climbing back up from 0.6960.
As the pair seems to be oscillating between these levels, we have opportunities to both buy and sell it at important intervals. Watch out for the pair dropping and also for it rising to 0.7100. This still provides a lot of resistance and the NZD/USD has struggled to overcome it. If it does success, it will likely go up to 0.7250.
At the moment of the publication of this article the pair has retreated to 0.6956 and most indicators agree that this is a strong sell.

Read more reviews at https://superforex.com/analytics
[Image: judga9i9jd0218ocpuij6w12m.png]
CAD/JPY: fundamental review and forecast

While the Euro has strengthened sharply against the Japanese yen, showing a giant price hike from 116.8 JPY up to 121 JPY based on results of the 1st round of elections in France, while the yen is losing positions against most currencies because it is under the pressure, mainly due to the tense situation on the Korean Peninsula, the canadian dollar failed to take the initiative and the rates CAD/JPY continues in the frames of downward trend. Though it's strengthened a bit yesterday.
At the moment, the Canadian dollar is under the pressure of many factors, firstly because of the falling in oil prices. The price for black gold fell again, and fell below the psychological point in $ 50. Forecasts here aren't good for the CAD because the United States continues to increase oil production, and President D. Trump supporting it and trying to make conditions for energy companies easier for developing oil extraction on the continental territory in the U.S. and on the shelf. Also, the canadian dollar decreasing in value because D. Trump continues to demand revision of trade relations with its neighbors and contradictions between Canada and the United States becomes more and more serious.
This week is full of important events, and the market will get a lot of macroeconomic statistics, which will affect the rates of CAD/JPY. Today, the market awaits important information about the volume of retail sales in Canada, conference of the President of the United States. Also, tomorrow we'll get the Report of the Bank of Japan about perspectives for Japanese economy, and on Friday we expect data about Canada's GDP, consumer price indices and volume of production in Japan. Therefore, this week, volatility may increase. Probably we can expect for further strengthening of JPY in the frames of current downtrend. The oscillators Stochastics and MACD unanimously indicate the good moment to open the deals to SELL, after the price correction, which occurred yesterday.

Read more reviews at https://superforex.com/analytics

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