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I need all the help in one matter. All of you suggest me what should do that person who had lost his/her one of the dearest and close person in life? In these days, I face one condition like this and want to move from my condition. But I can't do this, therefore, now I want to get your suggestion regarding this. Would you like to suggest me?

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PAUL12, I would say that it is really a hard situation. You know I have also lost the most special person in my life in the last days and that was really a hard time for me but I kept myself busy in my work, spent time with friends, and try to remain happy. All of these things helped me to lessen the grief of losing him.
Guys, i must say that life has such ups and downs, I must say that everyone in life have to face up the hardest things in life. I also lost my grandfather whom i loved so much. But still life goes on, So i will say just for the sake of their happiness stay your life and live it happily.
Clive! You are right. It is the hard time of life which everyone faces in their life. I think I also try to do those things which you have done during this condition. Because I think through these things I can feel nice and come back to my normal life. Thanks for sharing dude.

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