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Speed up my notebook
I'd like to speed up my notebook i5 first gen.
I have thought about these opportunities:
- Add SSD drive (change current SATA HDD)
- Increase RAM (4G -> 8G)
- Upgrade i5 (+200 MHz)

Ubuntu Linux

Which do you recommend? Why?
Do you have any benchmark about increased speed?

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How to Fix a Slow Samsung Notebook or Netbook? 5 Quick Tips :

1. Disable the Condusiv IntelliMemory service.
2. Check and eliminate malware issues.
3. Optimize startup processes.
4. Clean up Samsung hard drive.
5. Diagnose hardware issue or upgrade.
I forgot to mention, that it is a Dell one.
I added an SSD drive and the speed has become awesome!!!
I strongly recommend to upgrade yours if you struggle with speed - it definitely worth it. At least for me Wink
Predictive Analyst in marketing and broadcast media
Also i recommend to delete duplicate files.
(04-20-2017, 06:16 AM)jjackevans Wrote:  Also i recommend to delete duplicate files.

It is a good advice. I often do this on my Mac Os. I use MacClean, it is a free tool that helps the user to locate and remove duplicate photos, songs, apps, documents and other files. Disk Drill and dupeGuru also popular applications. Here you can find how to find duplicate files on Mac - https://www.cleverfiles.com/howto/best-duplicate-file-finder-mac.html with apps, and description to each one.

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