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Sapphirum is a CPA ,CPC and CPM advertising network

Sapphirum is a CPA ,CPC and CPM advertising network which has a high performing desktop traffic monetization engine.
Our Smartlink system allows webmaster to maximize their revenue using CPA, CPC, CPM offers.
Sapphirum Network is one the best platforms providing assistance to Publishers and Advertisers on a single unit by it’s latest mechanism and advanced clicking system.
Futhermore detection policy is strict and system is very sensitive to measure spam traffic what provides getting quality traffic.
With Sapphirum you can get signed up in less than 60 seconds and get your account instant approval.
You can chose your own plan of monetization such as CPA, CPM or Revenue Share.
You get paid Bi-Weekly with minimum payout of only $50 which is extremely convenient.

Let's see what else makes Sapphirum useful for you:

Easy to set up codes
clear and simple income statistic
all traffic monetisation
fast payouts
referral program
API integration
support available 24/7

Make right choice immediately and first 50$ performance will be send NEXT DAY without any holds!

Attention! Limited offer!

[Image: b1e8133200ab.jpg]

We want to share with you an interesting monetizing traffic case!
Webmaster Alex works with Saphirrum - monetizes the desktop traffic from torrents,
does not use trafficback,
geo - India, South Africa, United States, Philippines, Australia.
At the same time, he filters out mobile traffic through his TDS, sends it to another advertising network and gets the result!

And by the way - we pay twice as much as your current advertiser for OSX traffic!

[Image: d619f31fd0fd.png]

Webmaster sends traffic from download sites.
Works on RevShare basis.
Does not use trafficback and postback URLs.
Sends mobile and desktop traffic without filtering.
Pass keyword.
Traffic from the download button.
Top geo: IN US IT UK ES

[Image: a3d88e067e3e.png]

Our webmasters show worthy results, working with Sapphirum!
Here's another indicative case!

Webmaster sends us traffic from download buttons,
Does not use trafficback.
Example of the site - teleс*****.fr

FR CA Belgium Algeria Morocco

[Image: fc5d9cc69a9c.jpg]

[Image: 48599aa2675c.png]

It's time to add some more profit to your website monetization!
Any country and device accepted.

Just look at the rates

and start with NO approve and get a holiday bonus!

[Image: 9aa6d47455cc.png]

Hi From all Sapphirum team.

We hope you all find time to relax, recharge and enjoy a well-deserved break over the Christmas season.
We look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the New Year to come.

We wish you a merry Christmas and much success in the new year!
And here is your New Year Starting Bonus

Hey! Look at our GEO / eCPM for desktop traffic:

US  14.4
FR  10.8
IT  4.8
ES  5.9
AU  12.6
GB  13.2
DE  9.6
CA  11.02
CH  7.8

Visit our website

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