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Reliable and ethical hacking services
Hire an Elite Blackhat hacking team who are experienced, talented , tested and proven overtime ,you may be unaware of the duties and capabilities of our team , the purpose of this message is to enlighten you, if you hire a hacker, you will run the risk of being hacked yourself , however we are professional and operate within clearly mapped out and outlined parameters, we value repeat business and as such always strive to maintain an impeccable and reliable standard of job delivery,We work with a project coordinator refund policy, which means your job is personally insured by the project coordinator ,if for any reason the job is not completed or the client is not totally satisfied, our project coordinator will personally undertake to complete the project to the customers satisfaction and issue a 100% refund for the hassle , We render the underlisted services

Email hacking ( we penetrate emails of business competitors , business partners, friends , lovers, ex spouses, colleagues, organizations and private individuals, as well as public institutions)

Social media hacking (we specialize and carry out all forms of social media hacking , password harvesting and account cloning, we work on Facebook,Twitter,Telegram,Instagram, Snapchat, Snapshot, Reddit,and any social media platform you require)

Website hacking and database mining (we penetrate any company website and hack into the information mainframe and control panel and both mine and edit data , we have various viruses for various websites and have worked on a variety of government and private websites during a career spanning over a decade)

Public agency website penetration (we hack into state and federal agencies to erase records and edit data , we work to data mine on government websites and also work as website security and malware protection experts , we play both sides of the coin in website defense, pen testing , malware detection and defense and we also play the offensive game in website penetration,discrete bugging , data mining , malware infection , we have a dedicated team with years of real life on the field experience)

Criminal records wiping, online news and publication deletion , internet information wiping , identity information management, we handle these and other data mining services.

PayPal account hack and full financial hacking services, including but not limited to Credit Card top ups , Coinbase account top ups , Cash dumps , Account top ups , Untraceable Wire transfers , we have the range, the equipment, the personnel and the expertise along with years of experience come let us make some money ,

College grades upgrade , score upgrades , school and results website penetration and alteration , data extraction and modification, we guarantee results regardless of security measures and defensive actions .

Credit score upgrade(we penetrate financial institutions and government records and upgrade credit scores and government records)

Phone hacking (we provide total phone hacking and phone cloning services, our services and range included but is not limited to Text messages, Phone call Recordings , Call logs , Whatsapp , Instagram, Deleted messages and we can hack the gps and give a location lock at any given time )

We offer these and more services, contact us according to your needs and we will tailor our services to fit your requirements

Emai: [email protected]
Discord:Garry Max#0831

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