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What is a Fear Hacking Journal?

Fear Hacking Journal is the one place for identifying your fears, your thoughts and your plans.
Planning Journals Reinvented:
Fear is the #1 obstacle to success. Fear Hacking journal has a unique, science backed approach to identify what your fears are and deconstruct them so you can break down your short- and long-term goals. Our carefully crafted questions will help you analyze and reflect on your life. You'll then be able to determine what was holding you back and focus on the most important area. Your fears become your fuel and you understand your why.
It has been designed to help you recognize your 80-20 from your past, identify and plan for the future, reflect on your daily accomplishment, but most importantly, be fearless about what paralyzed you before.
We have all read many books on time-management and productivity, now you have an actionable life coach 24-7 that constantly guides you and reminds you why you should focus on the important things.
Fear Hacking Journal is a much-needed analog escape where you can unwind, unplug and reflect on what is important.

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