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Pakistan attractions
Yesterday, I and my friends have to talk about Pakistan. Because a few days ago my one friend had come back from this country. He had shared some beautiful attractions names of this country me. Let me share those attractions names here.
Faisal Mosque
Badshahi Mosque
Lahore Fort
Mohatta Palace
Lahore Museum
Karachi Safari Park

My father had so much fun at his tour to niagara falls from new york.
PAUL! I never visit Pakistan in my whole travelling experience. So have no idea about this country. But you have shred nice list of attraction's names of this country. I would like to visit this country in future and will explore all these attractions. If you have some more information about this country then must share here I will be useful for me.
Pakistan is an Asian country. I have never explored this out till yet but my uncle have travel once in his life and have really good kind of time at pakistan. Most of the places he has explored at there and also have captured the images of the places as well. I really like the shared list and really like to note these all names into my bucket list and sure that it will prove really useful for me for traveling.
To be frank, I have never been around these places yet in my whole traveling life. and never have been heard about from past years. So can't say something about the places and now i will love to know about such kinds of things a lot. So keep it more up and have a great time ahead.
Last night my one of the friend had shared with some of the images of Lahore which is a city in Pakistan.
I really hope that you all will like threse shared images.
Wow, what are beautiful images of the Pakistan that you have shared here? I will love to say that now i will be there next month when i will free from my boston niagara falls bus. So what say did you have any idea about its hotels and best places to eat? So keep it more up.
I am just gonna go with it and this will be so much stunning time for sure. i will like to say that this will be adorable time for me for sure. I can have such beautiful memories there.
Asabell! Your friends shared with you alluring and calling views of Pakistan city. All of these shared views ate attention-grabbing especially first one. I decided that in future, whenever, I will take Pakistan tour then I must explore these places of Lahore there.
Guys, I am so keen to let you all know that finally i am moving for Pakistan to see all of these gorgeous places and will see how people of the country are in hospitality and in culture. I am so keen cause it will be my first trip ever and there would be lots of things to see and to find like what to see where to stay and what to eat. So tell me guys, Is their food is also spicy like India? I am just concerned about that corner?
Jackie! Good to know that you are going to explore all the wonderful places of Pakistan. You want to get information about this country food and food places. Let me share with you information regarding this.
Pakistan food
Beef Karahi
Sindhi biryani
Shish kebab
Food Places in Pakistan
Qandeel Restaurant
Apple Nine
Oriental Restaurant

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