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Oldest known animal on earth..?
Hello Friend,

                 Please tell me, What is the oldest known animal on earth..?
It's just really great to know about the oldest known animal on earth for the general knowledge, but I just have no so much stuff about this. Have no idea about this but will share something useful after getting fro mates.

houston one day trip were fun filled.
Yeah, That is so cool to know. I am also unaware of such kinds of stuff. But will surely like to have such marvelous time there and this will be so much adorable time for me for sure. I can see such lovely places like that.
1. Dynastic Clam
2. Great-Great-Grand Whale
3. Golden Oldie Fish
4. Bird Named Wisdom
5. Slow and Steady
6. Immortal Jellies
thanks for advise...

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