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Nico Cartosio

I think I’ve cracked this confusing video by Nico Cartosio – “Cocaine March”. It’s a modern version of the horsemen of the Apocalypse: Plague (hint: the white horse at the very beginning), War (aka strife, the guy in a red costume, “And then another horse came forth, of fiery red" , New Testament, Hunger and Death (the bald girl in front of the poster “There is no death”). According to the book of Revelations the horsemen arrive in the same order to spread chaos and destruction. It common knowledge that this story has been thrilling the minds for many years, but I haven’t seen such an artistic interpretation. Definitely worth watching. BTW, any ideas, guys, what does “cocaine” stated in the heading represent? I have a theory, but I’m not gonna share it yet Wink

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