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Nature flooring
Nature flooring for the seventh time leading the flooring industry technological revolution For China's wood flooring industry national standards, the drafting of industry standards, the nature of the floor has been the industry leader in technology, it is learned that the nature of the floor active eco-paint technology research for many years, costing tens of millions. The technology first made a major breakthrough in the floor paint, its dedicated natural active ecological paint can be long-term sustained release of negative ions and other active substances, efficient removal of air in the formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances, and can be adsorbed se# or with a positive charge of the harmful gases to precipitate, to achieve the full range of the role of home air purification; followed in the paint process has also made a major breakthrough, the use of nature's first nine-layer interactive heavy infiltration, six ecological Paint technology to the active ecological paint and the perfect blend of the floor together, in maintaining the alcohol is wood on the basis of the paint and the floor itself into one, greatly improving the product wear and aesthetics, making wood flooring products Function has produced a qualitative leap. Wood flooring industry is an unprecedented breakthrough and revolution. Active ecological paint technology through our research team three years of research and development, experiment And local application stage, is now in the natural brand of wood flooring in the large - scale application, new products will soon meet with consumers.
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Ninc information is here and I just saw this one , I love this . Smile

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