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My Husband Fled The Confrontation
"Generally speaking, men need less words than women to express themselves, says Julie J. Brousseau, Marriage and Family Therapist and Director of the Centre of therapy for couples and families in Ottawa. They can resolve things in a few words or a simple look ... and you're done! While women are more talkative and like to analyze the words. "

Knowing that our man will not talk right away when a baffle tip, we accept its nature and personality by giving him a little time, the therapist advises: "He was told that there is a subject that is wants to talk to and a good time was agreed together to do it. "Wait a bit, we will get to take the time to clearly identify what is bothering us.

If he refuses to talk about it anyway because he does not like the chicane, it fails to release the song. "It reassures specifying that still love it, but we need to resolve the issue." Whenever possible, we try to keep our composure. "But if you are really angry, they say. And if you think you will burst, proclamation and allowed to go. Identify and share our anger can already appease. The other can then see how we are frustrated. "

When it's time to continue the discussion, we express our needs and feelings, without reproach or criticism. For example: "I feel alone in this situation ... I need to be comforted ..."
Frank Watson
Well, That is nature of men. They sometime could not express and just want to know women everything by not saying anything. Sometimes i am getting so much tired of it and just want to have something so much precious as someone could understand my words.

I was happy on my bus tour to yosemite.
jackie you are right and love to say that it's very hard to find a person who understands your feeling without words. So I think we should not waste time in searching such kinds of relations and try to make those relations which we have like this. What says am I right?

What say about bus tours to maine?
Yeah, I am going to agree with you. In this world, you can't search that kind of person which understands your feelings. But I must say that we try to make good relationship with those people which live with you. Because they know about you very well so they can make those people which understand you and also the situation.

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