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Mobile10 - best monetization engine for your mobile traffic
This is very valuable post
IELTS Classes in Moga
(10-12-2017, 08:27 PM)touchstone Wrote:  This is very valuable post

Sometimes there is no need of extra wordsSmile
It's all clear for you if you're interested in current ecpm rates for mobile traffic.
Look at the case how a publisher earns on APK download site

Registration in Mobile10:  September, 2017

Website: catalogue with android football games (football managers, simulators, charts etc.)

Primary country : Indonesia

Ad format used by the publisher: direct link - clicks on download button

The code is sed exclusively and without traffic back.

Stats screenshot:

[Image: 0198f02ab4bb.png]

Register in Mobile10
One more case study.

Publisher Michael have been working with us for a long time. Some time ago he stopped to send traffic, but recently came back and was pleasantly surprised by the increased rates.
He sends us only mobile traffic, uses traffic back to send desktop to another network.

Primary traffic source: doorways

Primary countries: United States, India

Registration in Mobile10: October 2015

Comission type: revshare

Ad format used by the publisher: direct link (used on “download” button)

Statistics of the publisher in Mobile10:

[Image: 9bf5e509f470.png]

Register in Mobile10
The next mini-case is already here.

Primary traffic source: download mp3 sites

Primary countries: IN ID ZA PK MY

Commission type: fix CPM 0.8

Ad format used: direct link (“download” button)

Uses trafficback to send desktop to another network.

Statistics in Mobile10:

[Image: fa2628e72ec4.jpg]

Register in Mobile10
Hi there!

Top eCPM for mobile traffic (mixed):
Montenegro 3.47
Costa Rica 2.38
Poland 2.31
Philippines 2.17
Spain 2.07
Southern Africa 2.00
South Korea 1.83
Australia 1.81
Morocco 1.77
Singapore 1.68
United Kingdom 1.63
Brazil 1.55
France 1.53
Belarus 1.50

Current rates for the countries missed in the list you can calculate on our website http://mobile-10.com.
By the way, we give prepays for traffic and a daily fix - contact support for the details.

Register with $50 bonus: https://mobile-10.com/#?action=wm-signup
[Image: 11ec001811a7.png]

Hi there!

We’ve had a fantastic year, filled with surprises and new opportunities. We hope that you’ve had a great year too.
We look forward to working with you in 2018.


N.B. From December 30 to January 3, our support will work in “lite” mode. Questions can be sent to [email protected]
[Image: 99b8ed9130f4.jpg]

Freshest TOP rates for mobile traffic:

IN 0,3 - 1,2 cpm
RU 1-4 cpm
ID 0,2 - 1,4
US 1-5 cpm
UA 0,5-4 cpm
BR 0,9-2 cpm
KZ 0,5 - 3.2 cpm
ZA 1.2 - 3 cpm
MX 0,5 - 3 cpm

Learn more

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