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Mobile10 - best monetization engine for your mobile traffic
[Image: 0d93c81d9519.jpg]

Special offer for newcomers!

Registration link
[Image: 2a8d880b45cd.jpg]

Dear friends,

New Year is a magical holiday.
It is time for new hopes, plans and beginnings.
Together we have done a lot, and will achieve even more!

Thank you for a good job, your feedback, support and ideas.
We are sure that such approach will help us to remain successful!

Wishing you happiness, prosperity, good luck and greetings for your family and friends.
Thank you for being with us!

Best wishes,
The team of Mobile10
[Image: 28412e53291f.png]
[Image: 41500f6dfa28.jpg]

How in a couple of clicks to get a forecast of your earnings in the Mobile10?
The right answer is: using an online calculator by this link http://aff.mobile-10.com/#/?calc.

But that is not all.
From the 1st to 15th of February you will have an opportunity to increase earnings by 10%!
All you need to do is to join Mobile10 affiliate program, get approved and kick off sending traffic non-stop for 30 days.
Volume does not matter. The main thing is - to send without interruption.
After 30 days we will add 10% to your next payout.

Join Mobile10
[Image: b1e42fab8982.jpg]

We want to share a joyous event - the next regular payment of Mobile10 will be an anniversary, 100th in a row.
A trifle, but a nice one! Because trust is made up of little things, and you know how important is this.

Join us and share success!
[Image: d8ecce5276d6.jpg]


Meet our high-performing mobile campaigns for Android OS.

Android OS
Gamifive Wild Road Vodafone Portugal - cpm 14
Antivirus Orange Spain - cpm 7
Music Kcell Kazakhstan - cpm 7
Games 2 - DTAC TH - cpm 6.5
Lekkemobile-DescargaVerde-ZA - cpm 6
Addrttt Turkey Mobile(Turkcell Only) - cpm 5.5
RU UC Browser U3-APK-Tracking DDL - cpm 5
AVG App Gang /TR Vodafone - cpm 4.6
Turbo CPI Android US - cpm 4.5

Let us remind, that if you have any questions, proposals, issues or requirements concerning your campaigns - do not hesitate to ping the support. Our managers will be happy to help you!

Here is the TOP by countries:

Android phone
India 0,8
Indonesia 0,9
Turkey 1,8
Russia 1,9
Ukraine 0,8
Mexico 0,7
United States 2
Kazakhstan 1.3
Brazil 1.4
South Africa 6
Malaysia 1,6
Poland 4

United States 2.2
Russian Federation 3,2
United Kingdom 4,2
Kazakhstan 4,2

Welcome: http://aff.mobile-10.com
[Image: faf02e606fef.jpg]


TOP offers:
UC Browser APK-RU - 4$ cpm
PinkMemory Android APK Thailand - 5$ cpm
FunzApp - Android APK /MY - 5$ cpm
Flash Browser - Android APK /US/DE/UK/KR - 3.8$ cpm
UberHorny [MOBILE] - SOI - INTL (adult) - 3$ cpm

TOP countries:
GB 5.38
AU 5.34
US 5.30
DE 5.23
FR 5.12
ZA 4.88
NZ 4.56
DK 4.17
PL 4.08
NO 3.95
SE 3.80
CH 3.73
AT 3.65
KW 3.60
CA 3.58
YT 3.51
EG 3.44
CI 3.27
KR 3.26

We'll be glad to make a meeting 30.03.2017 at Moscow Affiliate Conference.
Since the schedule is already quite dense, please plan the meeting time in advance by skype mikael.laine.it or email [email protected]
[Image: ba01fab1b26f.jpg]

It's the time to test your traffic in Mobile10 affiliate network!
Start now and we'll DOUBLE your first payout. It's not a joke!

Min payout - 10 usd, max - 100 usd.
The furmula is simple: earn 10 usd in 2 weeks - get 20 to the first payout, earn 20 usd - get 40 etc.

Not only beginners are welcome, but also those who worked with us before - nothing can stop you from testing on such great conditions!

And here are some rate as an example:


Android USA $2.5 - $6
Android India $0,8 - $1,8
Android Turkey $1,5 - $5
Android Russia $2 - $6
Android Brazil $2,4 - $7
Android South Africa $3 - $10
Android Saudi Arabia $1 - $5
Iphone USA $5 - $11
Iphone Canada $6 - $10
Iphone Turkey $4 - $7

Mobile10 website
[Image: aa501d82372e.png]
[Image: e46762528650.jpg]

And again Mobile10 gives $50 sign-up bonus to new users!
Let's remind you that in order to get the bonus you should earn min $50 within 15 days after registration.

To make the process more transparent, we have made some changes, so after successfull account approvement the following happens:
- a letter with the terms is sent to the registration email
- the bonus becomes reserved in the "Payments" section of the account
- in all the sections you'll see information - bonus to be paid, current earnings, deadline.

Register in Mobile10 to start now
[Image: 774a0eea3fd3.png]

This week’s TOP countries:
OM 13.46
KW 13.14
QA 11.26
AT 11.22
CH 6.72
DE 6.55
PL 5.74
AE 5.46
CI 5.00
RS 4.70
CR 3.83
KR 3.57
GR 3.48
BH 3.41
ZA 3.41
KZ 3.34
CY 3.17
PT 2.88
AU 2.85
EE 2.84
[Image: 7fa2a5e06647.png]
[Image: 239f4dbe4f99.jpg]

Mobile10 is proud to announce that a weighty system update is available now.

We have been working hard on new features that will help you to improve your earnings. These and other great improvements are now available to you:

- Advanced control over your traffic: Postback, Traffic back, Keyword targeting

- Improved ad optimization: faster redirect and Safety Monitor

- Better performance: Smart Script makes the same percent of conversions with fewer opens

- More features coming soon

1) Go to https://new.mobile-10.com/

2) Login with your current email and password or create a new account

3) Generate new promo code

4) Paste it on your websites

5) Enjoy


Statistics and payment history from old account will be available on https://aff.mobile-10.com/#/ until October 2017.
Then you can get access to your statistics and payment history on https://old.mobile-10.com/

All payments will be sent according to the regular procedure.

Get access to new features
DK 5.87
CY 4.18
HU 1.92
QA 1.82
AT 1.80
RU 1.67
NZ 1.60
BR 1.56
PL 1.54
IT 1.40
IE 1.40
AU 1.30
US 1.30
AR 1.25
CF 1.23
PT 1.16
CL 1.15
DE 1.13
GR 1.11

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