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Mobile10 - best monetization engine for your mobile traffic
[Image: 4da8da061b03.jpg]

Mobile10 is a mobile affiliate network.
Our goal is to provide webmasters and media-buyers with simple and efficient tools for monetizing worldwide mobile traffic.

Simple means easy integration and quick start. You don’t need to select and test offers, create promo materials etc. We’ve already done it for you!
Efficient means our approach to traffic monetization. No one webmaster is able to spend as much time to test offers as we do. That’s why we provide a single promo link and our offer selection system algorithm automatically assigns the most relevant campaigns for your traffic. Proven: this method allows to archive higher EPC.

- wide range of CPA, CPI, APK offers
- tested “white” SE-friendly campaigns
- all countries, OS and devices
- 5 kinds of promo available
- detailed statistics
- payouts twice a month
- Wire, PayPal, Epese, ePayments, Webmoney payment systems

- only non-incent mobile traffic
- choosing offers is not allowed, just some options can be applied

[Image: ee537956a74a.png]


Do you want to know how much you can earn with us right now?
No problem. On the main page of our website you can find an online calculator which can help you to estimate the approximate earnings in our affiliate network.
Just specify some traffic parameters and get the calculation right away!

Got a question? Our support team is always ready to help you!

I use two website they are so good for Mobile Traffic: targetedwebtraffic.com and seo25.com

Here is a small case from our new webmaster.

Webmaster: Evgenij

Experience in Mobile10: less than a month

Traffic source: mobile website

Plans for the future:
Making money online has always been a passive income for me. I haven't rushed for it before, but now it's gradually shifting into the main source of money-making.
Accordingly my plans for the near future are to keep developing and improving this direction further.

Mobile traffic will remain actively growing.
Just a couple of years ago there weren't so many worthy opportunities for "white" monetization, presently there are. In comparison with desktop, mobile traffic becomes more and more profitable.
So I recommend to develop your mobile sources while it is relatively easy.

Statistics screenshot in Mobile10:

[Image: 678327ce9ddf.png]


As you can notice from the sreenshot, we've refreshed internal design of the account. We believe it became clearer and more usable.
Now we're preparing a new design for the main page and are about to implement some interesting features.
If you have suggestions how we can improve our service - don't hesitate to email us at [email protected]
Thank you!
These are valuable post. We know something from here.

Yes Mikael Laine, I want to know how much I can earn with you right now?
Lets start with some good offers.

[Image: 7444ee15c128.jpg]

Dev: Android Phone, Android Tablet, iphone, ipad, Featured Phone
Geo: CH
CPA: $7,70

[Image: ecf37ea0b9d9.jpg]

Dev: Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Android Phone, Android Tablet, iphone, ipad, ipod
Geo: FR
CPA: $11,9

[Image: 1ff8cd06c577.jpg]

Dev: Android Phone, Android Tablet, iphone, ipad, ipod
Car: Airtel
Geo: IN
CPA: $0,49

[Image: 9b3d4b4ad6b2.jpg]

Juggernaut Wars
Dev: iphone, ipad
Geo: US, RU, DE, FR
CPA: $1,12

[Image: 8947326f3628.jpg]

JSpeed APK [incent]
Dev: Android Phone, Android Tablet
Geo: CH, DE, GB, NZ, US
CPA: $0,21

And now our proposal!

Tired of "jumping" rates? Not satisfied with the current income? Do you want stability and predictability?
Then we have good news: this week and the next week you have good chances to fix the CPM in Mobile10.
To do this, we need a couple of days to test your traffic. Next, we look at the results and discuss the rates. Cool!
Some of our webmasters have been working with us by fixed prices for a long time - they get a steady income, while we optimize their campaigns.

Join now!
[Image: df69bd9786c0.jpg]

One more case study from our webmaster.

Webmaster: And***ns

Experience in Mobile10: 1,5 years

Traffic source: mobile websites
80% search engines (50% yandex, 50% google), 10% SMM, 5% direct links, 5% push messages

Plans for the future:
to develop the project, recruit staff (reviewers and editors), find a coder to automate content updates

If you use direct link or banner, we recommend to place them as close to the top as possible. It's a simple logic - a user usually clicks the first advertisement he sees. The more clicks the more conversions etc.
To increase its efficiency, you can attract users by using tempting phrases or filenames (for download websites).
Also a very good solution would be using a postponed download button. For example, a timer looking like "Your download will start in 10, 9, 8..."

For pop-ups: to increase efficiency and "split" traffic flow we recommend to place pop-up script directly on "real" download button. So if a user ignores a banner (direct link), he'll be shown a pop-up anyway.
Furthermore, this approach reduces a negative content perception effect. For example, if a pop-up fires upon a banner click, double ads would be considered negatively by a user.
Make experiments with settings, test double pop-up, frequency of impressions per unique user, design of website pages etc.

Statistics screenshot in Mobile10:

[Image: a5aea0bed77f.png]


For our new webmasters, who would like to test our network, we prepared a special sign-up bonus: extra $50 to the first payout and 48-hour payout upon the request.


[Image: 41ba53ae8b4a.jpg]

Mobile Strike Android
Dev: Android Phone (5.0+), Android Tablet (5.0+)
Geo: AT, CH
CPA: $3,60

[Image: b840911837d4.jpg]

Beach Queen
Car: Vodafone
Dev: Android Phone, Android Tablet
Geo: IN
CPA: $0,72

[Image: eca09bf4d1a0.jpg]

Instant Play Sweepstakes
Dev: all
Geo: US
CPA: $2,4

[Image: 38cb8ae0a6f2.jpg]

Dev: desktop
Geo: AT, BE, CZ, EE, FR, NL
CPA: $1,28

Lets remind you that the special offer for the new publishers is in the heat!

Register in Mobile10 affiliate network and get $50 sign-up bonus to your account.

[Image: 84137c5bfbab.png]

Calculate your mobile traffic income!

Do you want to know how much does your mobile traffic cost?
No problem.
Use our online calculator to estimate your eCPM for free.
Just specify some traffic parameters and get the calculation right away!

Meet our new topic: 10 reasons to use Mobile10 affiliate network.

Register now and get a sign-up bonus!

More details on: http://aff.mobile-10.com

[Image: 52e6cf2f7f55.png]
[Image: 5a69bcc6c087.png]

Increase your profit: the most relevant offers for your traffic

[Image: 7611362273d3.png]
[Image: cb6326bdb6e8.jpg]


We're looking forward attending Race-2016. And of course we'll be happy to meet you there.

Contact us at [email protected] to appoint a meeting.
First of all, lets look at the rates:

FI 7.52
NO 7.41
AT 6.69
OM 6.24
AU 5.56
CL 5.37
NZ 5.30
CY 5.27
ZA 5.20
DK 5.08
SE 4.88
EE 4.85
BH 4.26
GR 4.16
CH 4.10
AE 4.03
QA 4.02
LU 3.88
IT 3.74
IS 3.58

In addition, a small boost for Italian traffic: on the upcoming weekends (10-11 of December) payouts for Italy will be doubled.

We'd like to remind, that working with us you earn more and save your time.
As in this video:


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