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Mobile or PC
Which one is better for gamers?
As for me now PC games are better. But mobile games are also developing rapidly! For example I read that one of the most successful MMORPGs of all times – Lineage 2 – has seen a mobile remake to Lineage 2 Revolution. It is very interesting. I found this information here https://www.innovecs.com/ideas-portfolio/mobile-gaming-vs-pc-gaming-tendencies-in-game-industry-development/ it is article "Mobile Gaming vs PC-gaming: Tendencies in Game Industry Development".
There is no question in the with one is better cuz it's so obvious PC. There are several problems if you are playing on mobile like hearting, slowing down your phone, and affect battery life. You won't be able to play high-end games on your mobile. You need to buy a good phone if you want a good experience.
It depends on what type of gamer you're.
If you're lite gamer and usually play games only to kill some time, then mobile games are better.
If you're hardcore gamer then definitely PC, mobile, especially Android has some really good games but still not close to PC in terms of gaming.
Android is the best

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