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Missing them a lot.
Guys, I am here to let you all know a thing, Actually, i do not with whom i should share. So going to share with you guys, Actually, i am missing a lot to my nieces and nephew. I just wanna meet them and want to spend my few days with them. But they guys could not come these days, as my little angel Fati goes to school and could not bunk her classes, So do tell me what to do right now?

Waiting for my newyork to niagara.
Jackie, I can understand your situation that you are missing the kids much. Well, I can see that your niece is busy in her studies and now can not bunk her classes. If they can not come to meet you than what's the big deal. You can go there to meet them and spend a few days with them. You can also bring gifts for them and I am sure the children will be happy with this as well as you too.
Yeah, Clive you are right if they can't come in his house he can go where they live. This could be a surprise for the kids and they will surely happy after seeing jakie there. Like you, I would also advise him must bring some gifts for them. hope he will like our suggestion.

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