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Mini Mania - the Internet leader in Mini Cooper (both classic and new) Sprite, Midget

Mini Mania started in 1974 (some here like the claim that we were around before Google) as a small business supplying fellow race car drivers with Mini Cooper Spare Parts. Created by Don Racine, a race renowned in the racing world, he began his business on the tarmac, offering his expert technical advice and parts to drivers who needed a hand to get back in the race. Soon he began importing Mini Spare Parts not just for himself, but his fellow racers too and moved from the tarmac to a small shop he ran part time.

Shop Mini Cooper Parts Online

His part-time store however, turned into a huge business and before he knew it, Don had a business known for technical expertise and high-quality parts. By 1999, the Classic Mini was no longer being made but the business continued to grow. When BMW took over the mantle of building MINI Coopers in 2001, Mini Mania stepped right in and received Federal Government permission to import the first privately owned BMW MINI Cooper in the USA, for product R&D purposes.

By 2002, Mini Mania was hot and heavy into selling MINI parts online all over the world.

Today We Continue to Lead

As more and more MINI Coopers fill the roads and Classic Minis become show-stopping remodels, Mini Mania remains a technical source for all parts and problems. Our technicians are all trained in or have experience in remodeling cars, fiddling with engines or tearing apart and rebuilding all sorts of cars.

We pride ourselves in our customer service and skills in locating hard to find classic parts as well as providing the smallest details in repairing the New MINI Coopers.

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