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MegaTransfer: Simple money transfers
MegaTransfer is giving you the ultimate gift with the launch of our 0% fee promotion! Get 0% fee on almost all of MegaTransfer's financial services. Every MegaTransfer client can now enjoy our fast, secure, and efficient payment service for the price of nearly nothing. What are you waiting for, become a MegaTransfer client and get the better payment solution, today!

MegaTransfer is proudly introducing its 0% deposit feature. All MegaTransfer clients can now deposit for free including deposits done through bank cards. This means clients of MegaTransfer can add funds through any means without any fees or charges.

This improvement of fees schedule is a great add-on to already existing 0% fee for wallet-to-wallet transfers for retails customers. Now, MegaTransfer wallets can be deposited for free by bank transfer or bank card and then used for transfers to other people or Merchants absolutely for free. This is an exciting milestone of development of MegaTransfer services that have been always a cutting edge product and reached even higher levels with each new feature of best in the world type of virtual bank accounts - MegaTransfer wallets.

Additionally MegaTransfer clients can now avoid exchange fees by depositing using a local-denominated card. Funds can be added to MegaTransfer e-wallets (virtual bank accounts) without exchange fees if they use a local-denominated card that carry our currencies:
Euro (EUR)
Pound (GBP)
US Dollar (USD)
Russian Ruble (RUB)
Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH)
Chinese Yuan (CNY)
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Indian Rupee (INR)
Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)

Please visit us at http://www.megatransfer.com for more details

Best Regards,
MegaTransfer Team
Bank Card Processing for Brokers

Providing fast transactions, secure connections, and instant access are the things that made MegaTransfer a superstar in the digital payment industry. This is why Forex brokers trust us. However, the innovation doesn’t end there. We are proud to introduce our newest service made especially for Forex brokers: the bank card processing service.

With this offering, Forex brokers are given wider reach and better client service because MegaTransfer now processes debit cards and credit cards. This means deposits are easier, payouts are quicker, and fund transfers are much smoother. Traders can now pay and receive payment in the same credit card while you get your profits continuously. You and your clients can now enjoy the payment service that you deserve while your business gets the advantage over competitors. Get the bank card processing service when you choose MegaTransfer.

Sign up HERE: https://www.megatransfer.com/sign-up
Personal Accounts

We guarantee that MegaTransfer’s personal accounts are private and protected. We use advanced encryption technology while maintaining a user­friendly environment that emphasizes accessibility and sophistication. We put priority on the safety of your hard­earned money by giving you complete control of your funds. Our financial services are secure, extensive, and efficient. Countless clients have already experienced the safe way of managing their money online by putting their trust in us. Your convenience is our goal and your trust is our commitment.

Personal Fees
Account creation: FREE
Send money: FREE - Conditions may apply
Receive money: FREE
Deposit via Bank Transfer: FREE
Deposit via Credit Card: FREE
Deposit via China Union Pay: FREE
Withdrawal via Bank Transfer: FREE
Withdrawal to China Union Pay: FREE - Conditions may apply
Withdrawal to Credit Card: FREE - Conditions may apply
China Union Pay Processing Fee: (+3% for exchange to USD)
Low Cost, High Savings

The more you use MegaTransfer, the more you save money. Our rates are literally one of the lowest in the market. Our fees are up to 40 times lower compared to other online payment systems. We impose an unbelievable 0.1% fee while our competitors charge 4% for wallet-to-wallet transfers. With MegaTransfer, you incur the lowest cost possible so you get to use the rest of your funds for other ventures.

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