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Marrying a girl from another culture

A good friend of mine has recently married an asian woman he met online. He is a native American. My friend says that Asian girls are polite, respectful, and drama-free in contrast to American ladies.

Yeah, I do agree with your friend and would ;like to say that I have also listened something about that Asian Ladies. You know what I have shared this stuff with my brother and after that, he said I will get married to Asian lady. LOL

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Haha! If its really true so anyone should try Asian lady.. Well, Good suggestion to your brother mareena.

My thinking says that this type of marry you have do many secrifies and compromisation because when you do marry with other country girl then all different thinks that you have to accept and follow, no matter you like or not .

So my suggestion is always do marry with same country girl, it benefit for you and your family because family is first......

Many people do not allow to get married with another culture girl because they think that its not right in our culture.

(06-28-2014, 03:49 AM)GreenNinja Wrote:  Hello,

Is it wise to marry a girl from another country which culture is different from mine?

would be hard to adjust if she will be in different culture, Some girls says that they can adjust but they d change their mind if that culture blam here for not to be like them.

yeah, that would be difficult but love can make someone force on adjusting as well. I think so

No matter what you guys belong to a culture but just try to watch out your religion once cause to compromise on a culture could be made, But for me i can not made any compromise on religion. So that is my opinion personally.

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