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Market Analysis
[Image: 1sb9s1.png]

Cable started by tracking higher before the FED meet but had a nearly 350 pips movement down from the highs. This was the USD led move which was on the back of FED’s interest rate hikes and bullish projections from their forward guidance! This pair seems quite stable as of now but the Brexit fears will always continue to haunt GBP keeping any higher recovery fairly capped! Some economic data’s and other lighter events to look further next week before the holidays start and trading comes to a halt!
[Image: 2res8dd.png]

GU rise sharply during the week with PM Theresa May’s speech being the main focus and remains around 1.23/24 level while this week will again be Brexit which will be on focus with UK Supreme Court giving their judgment on Brexit, so that’s to watch.
[Image: 2a0nsq0.png]

UJ picked up nicely during the week with Donald Trump speech giving the push. It’s likely that we will continue to see the things staying higher, but there is no major event ahead to pull it either side which might cause neutral trend to play in.
[Image: usdjpy-d1-instaforex-group.png]

This pair was in strong bullish trend and is likely to continue in same battery, so it will be interesting how far it can go. We can expect it to cross 115 level before the week closes out; it will be interesting watch as well. We are bearish on the pair ahead in the coming week.
[Image: eurjpy-d1-instaforex-group.png]

This pair maintained similar lining without any major dipping and is likely to cater to same channel ahead in the weeks to come, it could dip slightly ahead but long term trend is clear cut for higher gains, so that will be interesting to watch.
[Image: eurusd-d1-instaforex-group.png]

This pair has been reaching pretty differently today with the pair pushing inside 1.05 mark, but was rapid to turn around and is now sticking near 1.06 level, it is likely to remain around that mark for rest of the week due to no major event in line.
[Image: gbpusd-d1-instaforex-group.png]

This pair has been pushing low and got near 1.2350 mark, but with the Janet Yellen speech, it took turn and now is nearing 1.25 mark, but is unlikely to hold on the level too far, it is all to be changed in coming days or week, at least.
[Image: usdjpy-d1-instaforex-group.png]

UJ has been staying very consistent this week between 113/114 level, it is highly unlikely that we will see this change anytime soon, so it will be interesting how it all works out. We will be better to look for short trade here, as that is far better bet for us.
[Image: eurjpy-d1-instaforex-group.png]

EJ dropped heavily yesterday, but got into stable mode since then. It is likely to continue on same way, so we will be better to pick short mode right now, it could bring out good returns for us but we should wait for the trend to shift.

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