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Love your world, and love thyself
I love our planet. Where else do we live? This is our mother who nurtured us from amoeba into the wonderful animals that we are now. All of us, our brothers, sisters, parents, uncles, grandparents… we owe everything to our world. Our insect friends, our mammal and reptilian friends, we all share this beautiful place we call Earth together, and it is up to us, as the most intelligent of the creatures, to keep checks on ourselves and not destroy this planet for the sake of all of us, not just humans.
Well said Yarayara.

First of all we should love thyself.
yeah, I also love the world more than all. I am so sure that this will be so much amazing time for me and will have plenty of beautiful time there while exploring the beauty of the world. I am a huge fan of its beauty and like to move for new york bus tour packages.
yarayara26 ! You are right. I am going to agree with you. I also love our planet because it has given all the things to us. The main thing is that at this we can enjoy the God created nature beauty.

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