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Little-Known Font How-Tos for Instagram Stories

Without a doubt, Stories has been Instagram’s smartest invention yet. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the platform without Stories. Launched three years ago this month, over 500 million users now share Stories every single day.

This is great news if you’re an avid Stories user (which you should be) and bad news if you’re a brand trying to stand out in the crowd.

I have shared seven fresh Instagram Stories ideas. Today, I offer nine design-focused, lesser-known Instagram font hacks that your competitors likely aren’t using, and which can help your Stories get more visibility. Read on.

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1. Add your brand font to the Stories
Recently, Instagram released new fonts for Stories for us all to play with. It’s true: they’re cool. But you know what’s even more cool? Adding your own font. After all, nothing beats using your brand fonts.

To “brand up” your #Instagram Stories, add and use your brand fonts, says @OlgaRabo via @CMIContent.CLICK TO TWEET
Here’s how to “brand up” your content with little effort:

Download the Over app on your phone. Then, use AirDrop on an Apple device or use nearby share settings in Google on your android device to connect your font’s .OFT file.

A pop-up menu will appear. Select “Over”:

That’s it. Now, when you design your Stories in Over (a great app for various templates by the way), you can use your brand fonts.

Use @over to design #Instagram Stories and get access to thousands of curated templates, says @OlgaRabo via @CMIContent.CLICK TO TWEET

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2. Create a solid background to make your text pop
If you post a sequence of Stories, you likely connect them with the same aesthetic. However, what happens when you need to interrupt the sequence with a call to action? Create a solid background based on the Stories series’ color palette and make your text pop.

To make a post stand out in your @Instagram Stories series, use a solid color background, says @OlgaRabo via @CMIContent.CLICK TO TWEET
Here’s how:

Take or select a picture from your photo library.
Click on the drawing pencil icon.
Hover over your color choice.
Tap and hold your finger on it. The background will change to a solid, monochrome color.
Write a call to action or brief note.
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3. Pick extra colors from the color selection
Instagram Stories offers a 27-color palette. But you can have all the colors in the world.

You don’t have to stick with the 27 colors in #Instagram Stories’ default palette, says @OlgaRabo via @CMIContent. #SocialMedia

It is true that some sophisticated font can significantly contribute to the presentation of your Instagram stories. Nowadays, you can find lots of various fonts appearing on the market every day You just need to learn how to apply them in the most winning way. And it is a good step forward to your popularity.

Thanks for such a useful info!

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