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Learn Google AdWords – Step by Step Guide

Want to use adwords to promote your business but don’t know where to start? You are at right place.


A website to promote
an Email id ( to signup for adwords account)
A payment method ( credit/debit card or net banking)


Go to and click on Signup with your email ( use gmail to make process simple)
Google may guide you there to signup and create your 1st campaign, else you can follow below steps
1. Clicks on  Create your campaign
1)A campaign contain setting to set your ads targeting location, daily budget and other things. You can decide these settings at campaign level.
2)here you will also have to select a bidding options ( how you want to pay for each clicks- automatically or manually). Depending upon selection, you will get different options at keywords level)
3)Add your 1st adgroup
4)There can be multiple adgroup in a campaign
5)An Adgroup contain 1- Kewords and 2- Ads
6)You can setup your bid (maximum cpc) which you want to pay for each clicks. This will be default for each keywords unless you decide it on keywords level.
2.Find Keywords
1)Think what your customer will be typing in google. That will be your keywords.
2)Type your 1sst keywords idea in Google and it will auto suggest many other keywords
3)Write all keywords in Excel or somewhere.
4)Keep similar keywords together ( keywords grouping) and add them in their respective adgroups.
5)Make Ads
6)In each adgroups, you have to make ads.
7)create atleast 3 ads
8)When user search for keywords on that adgroup, then its ads were shown in Google.
9)Click on Ads tab and clicks on +Ads  to create new ads.
10)You will get option to write your text ads.
11)Make sure to write ads relevant to your website product/services and keywords. This will ensure better performance.
12)Now your campaign is almost ready. There are many other advance settings which you can view and learn.
13)If you have not added your billing method, then google will prompt you to setup. Just click on billing notification and follow the steps.
14)Once you completed above steps, your ads will be live (after approval from Google).

ppc management company

AdWords: Getting set up with your first crusade.
Stage 1: Calculate an AdWords spending plan.
Stage 2: Pick a watchword.
Stage 3: Check out the opposition.
Stage 4: Make beyond any doubt your greeting page rocks.

Thanks for your information. That must be help for the new users.

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