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Is WWE Real or Fake Game?
Some people say, WWE is a fake game, everything is predefined just like a drama.

Is it true or false?
Yes, looks like everything is predefined!
WWE is a scripted one. But well scripted to show its real.
I know its fake but still I like it.
WWE is real. The moves are scripted. They are actually do all the moves. If these moves are dome wrong, a serious injury can result. Wrestlers have been killed in the ring. The referee signals for the moves and when to conclude the match.
Its all wrestling fight is fixed by WWE Directed. Only directed select which wrestler is winning in the WWE fighting or which one is losing that match. But in match all fight is real.
Yeah it is fake or scripted but I love watching it.
WWE is fake i think. Whats your opinion?
Like "Chris_Tax" said, WWE is real but moves are scripted. Sometimes it's very dangerous but all wrestlers who truly love that, can sacrifice themselves without any doubt to make awesome show.
its just like serials that's it ..Smile

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I like WWE and I think its fake.
I like WWE and I am not sure whether its fake.
Its a kind of mixture of both things, fight in ring is reality and out of ring its all called drama to grab viewers interest into it.
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Its a kind of mixture of both things, fight in ring is reality and out of ring its all called drama to grab viewers interest into it.
In WWE most part are scripted

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