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Is Twitter better than facebook?
Hello friend, do you think Twitter is better than facebook?
Twitter is much better than facebook.
I don't think so.Facebook has more than 1 billion user.So as a medium of communication Facebook is better than Twitter.
On Facebook your reach is very limited. If you have 253 friends then they’re pretty much the only people who will see your post if they’re online at that time. Yes they can share it, but it’s not as common practice on Facebook.

On Twitter though you can have a very limited number of followers and still reach a large audience. A simple retweet from someone with a lot more followers can really make a difference. On Twitter it’s far more common and more natural to share, and chat to the sharer too.
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Facebook has more user so i think that, Facebook is better .
facebook is better than twitter because it has more number of users.
According to me , Both are best sites and it is helpful for business to generate a huge traffic .
Twitter and Facebook are just about the two most well-known social networks in the world. Twitter is a different kind of platform in many ways though, and a straight-up comparison with Facebook isn't really fair.
face book and twitter both side is very important for social media.

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