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Is Skrill a scam?
I have read few posts about Skrill scam. People talking negatively about skrill. I want to know exactly your experience. Have you ever found anything wrong with skrill? Please let me know.
I am using skrill since a long time. But I have not found anything wrong with them yet. Instead I have found it most secured.
Not at all, I don't which kind of PEOPLE you are talking about. I have been using Skrill since 2009 and never had any issues at all.
Skrill is the best service I have used with a focus on low-cost international money transfers. It is not scam at all.
Skrill is the same old moneybookers. They work just fine and very well. I've been using them to deposit funds on my trading platform which is and then convert them into bitcoins.
Scam emails may have no form at all, may address you using your email address rather than your name or may address you very generically.
I didn't head about skrill. I know that skrill is the best money proccessing site.
Skill is the best service for low-cost international money transfers. It is not a scam.

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