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Is Google Plus better than Facebook?
Every coin has two sides. Google+ is a platform for sharing pics.
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NO Facebook is better then Google plus .
google is more better than facebook. In all social sites facebook is popular but for business google is so Important.
Google+ is become more famous to Facebook.
I think facebook is the best.
Google+ is better than Facebook. Google plus is play very important role in ranking and backlinlks. I rated Google plus.
According to my opinion ,both are social media sites it is helpful for a business to increase a good traffic or backlinks but Google+ Better than Facebook :-
2.Unlimited Characters Allowed in Updates
3.Narrow Down Trends
4.Instagram like Software to Edit Images
Google plus is google home product so if you want to crawl any url quickly post on google it will be quick crawl by google. Google gave first priority instead of other social site.
And if we talk about traffic so there google never bite-able to any website.

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7 Reasons Google Plus Is Better Than Facebook For Business

If you’re using social media for business purposes, the giant Facebook seems logical because there’s more people there. However, it turns out that Google Plus is actually a better tool for business users. Though Google hasn’t come near the following of Facebook (at least not yet), there are many distinct advantages of using Google Plus for business even now.

1. No Ads (Yet)
Facebook started out with no ads, but this went the way of the dodo when Mark Zuckerberg saw those ginormous dollar signs. Surely, Google Plus will eventually cash in with ads, too, but for now it’s blissfully free. If you’re using Google+ for your small business, this keeps your feed less crowded so you can see only the things you’re looking for.

2. View More Posts
Image via Flickr by Victor1558
Facebook limits the number of posts you can see at once. While business accounts can view higher numbers of posts than personal users, Google Plus makes it easier to see all the posts at once. This makes it less likely you’ll miss an important post by a colleague or industry leader you’re interested in networking with.

3. Don’t Need Permission to Follow Someone
It’s frustrating when you friend request someone on Facebook and you never get a reply. Are they not interested in connecting with you, or are they simply never online? With Google Plus, you can follow whomever you wish. If they see you and want to add you to a circle, all the better.

4. Meet More People
The nature of Facebook is to find people we already know about. Google Plus makes it much easier to find people you’d never know existed on Facebook. This feature has allowed people from around the world to conglomerate around their passions, such as cooking, writing, music, or film.

5. Google Hangouts and On Air
Of course, Google isn’t the only video chat out there, but its incorporation into the Google Plus platform makes it one of the easiest to use. Once you find people with whom you share interests, you can get to know them in a way almost impossible through Facebook feeds alone.

6. Circles
Perhaps the greatest feature of Google Plus for the business user is the concept of circles. This powerful tool allows you to post to your friends who love to cook, without bothering your business associates. Better yet, you can share white papers and articles with your business friends and leave your band members out. This lets you enjoy Google Plus for family, friends, and business associates without looking unprofessional or boring.

7. Unfriending is Less Personal
Unfriending someone on Facebook is the modern-day equivalent of exiling them to Elba. There’s a strong stigma attached, which can be particularly harmful to business relationships. With Google Plus, you can switch them to another circle or eliminate them from your circles entirely, and they’re never the wiser. This is the ideal solution to someone who’s posting controversial political or religious ideas that could damage your reputation.

The beauty of having so many social networking sites to choose from is the ability to get one that works in your situation. For the business person, the obvious solution is Google Plus.

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