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Is Google Plus better than Facebook?
Hello friend, What do you think? Is Google Plus better than Facebook?
Absolutely. Google Plus is a far more simplified, content-oriented social network. Facebook is where moms play games.
Once facebook was better, it helped publishers a lot. I used to get 50-70k pageviews on daily basis on my website just from facebook. But now a days, if you target your 1000 people, your post will reach only to 20-15 people!

And now a days, google plus delivers good traffic.

So, google plus is better than facebook.
In my opinion both are good if you only using G+ then it's not enough and same for FaceBook. So if you guy's want to increase your website taffic online then you have to use both social media to share your content and posts.
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Now these day Facebook is best for their traffic. But in G+ the post which we are submitting to our profile is visible on search engine results by keywords which we are using. Google includes their all the quality post in searches. so the G+ is best for SEO and for Gaining traffic to websites.
I think both are good at their own side if you are using it in a right way......Thanks
Both G++ & FaceBook are social media platform & also Used for Business Promotion
Both are best social media site bust now-a-days Google+ is become more famous to Facebook.
Face book is better than google+ . Face book friends are more than google+. Visitors are also more in facebook. Google+ some times suspends the account for using the signature for promoting site. But facebook is not doing so. These two are for business purpose and individual sharing. But mostly the money earned through business ads in facebook.
yes google plus is better . for seo and social signals
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G+ is better, it reaches more people, I mean there is no limits on the promoting contents
Google+ is not so familiar as facebook for business development. Everybody knows google. But some percentage of users are using google+ for business or personal contact.
Yes, Google+ is far better than Facebook.
(04-30-2015, 08:23 PM)Lipipaliwal Wrote:  Yes, Google+ is far better than Facebook.

Facebook is growing faster and faster and also getting more subscribers from top to bottom age groups of friends and business people. So, facebook develops high ground business lead. But on my opinion google+ is not fetching more as facebook and also google+ restricts business activities related postings and suspends the account by saying that " your writings are about business promotion".  There is no chance to get the place of facebook by google+. This is my experience and opinion.
I did like both platforms. These two are doing the same thing in different way.
In my life i use both daily.
But in Facebook i couldn't see any gif images. but G+ have that feature.
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