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Is First Love Always The True Love...?
Hello Friends,

Please tell me, Is First Love Always The True Love...?
rajshreedixit01, I have no idea about the thing as I have never met a person in my life to whom, I fell in love in one look and like to spend my life with him I have heard that Love is something really amazing as it makes the life totally changes but I think it pains a lot as the loved one mostly break the heart and step ahead in life.

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I am just so sure that this will be so much amazing to describe love to whom who have such a feeling like that, It will be so much interesting and best time for sure. So what say what will be the best and great time as it. But i seriously agree with your statement it mostly causes the pain.
love is always true , there is first love ,second love .If you love some one its true
I really do not have a good experience of Love at all. it just gives me a lot of pain and was seriously a horrible time period for me. but now i am back to form and will say that love is really not a bad thing but true love always makes you happy at any cost.
No, it is not true that the first love is always true. But, if your first love is your Mom n Dad then you can say that the first love is always true. But, nowadays people send their parents in old age home when they become old. That is why true love is very difficult to find these days.

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