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Is AMP necessary?

I know Accelerated Mobile Pages provide website to load fast in mobile devices, even over slow networks, but I want to know is that necessary? If I do not use AMP then my website can’t rank high?

More details are available on the AMP GitHub page. AMP is intended primarily for static pages. News articles, blogs and the like. Feature rich web applications will not, and are not intended to, work in AMP - though often they are the pages that struggle the most on mobile.


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As you know that ranking a website on major search engine required so many factor viz. quality content, user friendly navigation, download speed and much more, among these factor AMP is a factor which is fulfill the requirement of website ranking on top search page. I hope this answer will; help you to understand AMP is necessary or not.


In this modern technology the AMP is the most effective for getting a lots of traffic.

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