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How to use PayPal in Bangladesh?
If you are a Bangladeshi, you already know that PayPal is not available in Bangladesh. 
But I see some people are still using PayPal here in BD. 
Are you one of them? 
So, how do you use paypal in bd? 
Would you please tell me?
If paypal is not running in your country than dont use it...
The reason is that you might loss your cash while transfer and paypal doesnt guarantee you anything..
Paypal is a secure online payment method, which allows you to pay or get paid quickly and easily without sharing any of your financial information.

How to create a PayPal account?

Step 1: On the PayPal homepage, click on “Sign Up“. Choose your country and language.
Step 2: Enter your information such as email, name, address, password and phone number.
Step 3: Read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy, then click on “Agree and Create Account” button.
Step 4: Activate the account. PayPal will send a confirmation email to you. Open the email and click on the link in it to confirm that it is your email address.
Step 5: Enter your bank account information to allow transfers from your bank account to and from PayPal.

Now, Money Transfer Process :

Bangladesh doesn’t supports PayPal Now at this Time. This article provides step-by-step instructions to help Verify a PayPal Account (Any Country). Also, the Article is for those who either don’t have a Credit Card or don’t want to use their credit card online for any reason.

1. Create a New PayPal Account (Personal/Premier/Business).
2. Upon creation, you will receive an email confirmation, click on the link in your email to activate your PayPal Account.
3. Login to confirm that you’re Account Status below your Name is set to UNVERIFIED.
4. In order to verify your Account, Click on the UNVERIFIED link.
5. You are now at a Page where PayPal wants you to enter your Credit Card Details.
6. Now, instead of adding your physical Credit Card Details, Add the Virtual Credit Card details which you’ve purchased.
7. After you click on ‘Add Card‘ PayPal would want you to enroll for the Expanded User Program in order to increase your sending limit.
8. Click on ‘Get Number‘ button at page bottom and send us and email to receive your 4 Digit Verification Code.
9. We shall deliver your 4 Digit verification code within seconds, provided you’ve completed all 8 steps above.
10. Add the Verification Code to complete the verification process.
11. Your PayPal account is now VERIFIED.
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(01-16-2015, 06:16 PM)ishani_jariwala Wrote:  If paypal is not running in your country than dont use it...
The reason is that you might loss your cash while transfer and paypal doesnt guarantee you anything..

Yeah you are right, I too agree with you. If any payment processing is not working in your country then it is better to leave that process or use some other process for payment.
Sometime, this type of thinking irritate why we cant use Paypal in our Bangladesh. Nowadays eCommerce is the most famous in these days & its luckily that all type of credit cards & debit card. So its better to use e commerce for payment.
Have you tried using an account in a different country? I contacted Auction Essistance and they say it is possible.
Thanks for sharing this inforamation.......................
You could contact PayPal and ask them if this is permitted: Register a company in a PayPal-supported region (Delaware, USA comes to mind) which will get you a bank account etc in the states.

From there, you might be able to register for PayPal under the business entity (as long as it is fully and legally registered). Again, be sure to clarify this with PayPal to ensure it is allowed.
Thanks for sharing this information with us.............keep sharing looking for more some interesting new posts.................
THANKS FOR SHARING THIS INFORMATION WITH US..................................
Pay pal is very secure in this time . you can easily believe in paypal.
if paypal is not working in your country then you should not use because some time you could loss your money...

please take suggestion experience people...
I did not know that it does not work from there.
if you had bank account in other countries could use proxies to connect...
On the other hand if Paypal is not working in your country - it has a reason... as they mentioned above: you should not use it because some time you could lose your money...
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