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How to track if website visitor is using proxy, vpn or tor?
Hello folks,

How to track if website visitor is using proxy, vpn or tor?

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Unfortunately, there's is no proper technical way to get the information you want. You might invent some tests, but those will have a very low correlation with the reality. So either you'll not catch those you want, or you'll have a larger number of false positives. Neither can be considered to make sense.

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Essentially the software I chose to go with, offers this
“IPQ's Proxy Detection service analyzes the IP address and other forensic factors of the connection to determine if the user is hiding behind a spoofed IP or is attempting to frequently change their device. We actively maintain an IP addresses threat blacklist that is updated hourly to include the latest emerging threats from hijacked computers and open proxies to other sources of malicious IPs. We also remove IP addresses from our database that are no longer threats to reduce the chance of a false-positive result.”

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