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How to store and organize your shoes at home?
According to a survey, the average woman owns 19 pairs of shoes, but as we add to them the shoes of her husband and her two children, at home literally pile up stacks of high heels, trainers, platforms, sneakers and all other models of footwear, which you can think of. That is why we suggest you create a system for storing and organizing your shoes at home that really works in your favor.

Firstly, it is necessary to know the available options. Among the most popular solutions for the storage of shoes are the shelves, a rack divided into squares, shelves in the closet for clothes, a cupboard and shoe organizers that are hung on the door. When you consider the cost of each facility and the number of shoes that can it hold, you will consider best your alternatives.

Once you have chosen exactly how you will store the shoes, describe those that you have, keeping in mind the available space and consult with your family members how they prefer to be arranged their boots – on a shelf, in a hanging organizer or on a shelf in squares.

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