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How to maintain dating more than one girl

I'm in a complicated situation. I was dating a girl for 2 months. I like her. But recently I've met another girl in the subway. We shared our cell number and spoke over night and also went out on 2 dates. These girls know nothing about each other. I can't  make only one right now. Need some time to choose my perfect girl. So, how can I continue dating both of them without making them aware of each other? Blush
Need help from you, BOYS. Can't ask help from GIRLS because I think they don't like my idea!!!!

Well, That is really not a good idea for me as well. Cause it will be cgheating with them both, They also could thought something like that till they will not get their perfect choice like you, Isn't it? So just be loyal and have some beautiful memories with your love, I am going with my love on best tours in las vegas. We will definitely enjoy there.

Very helpful and nice tips for me here, thank you a lot for them! I like sugar baby dating a lot and I often use the service called secret benefits. I think that your advice here will be very helpful to me too.

Need help from you, BOYS. Can't ask help from GIRLS because I think they don't like my idea!!!!
sure the not Angry

it does not matter to boys and girls, Every sincere person will not ask you to go with this idea. So i will say none is perfect, i am sure you are nit perfect as well there must me some good and bads in you. Just think of it once.

GustavoWoltmann! I would like to say that it's wrong, you shouldn't do this kind of things. I am a boy, but also don't like this thing because through doing this kind of things you cheat both girls which are totally wrong. So you try to choose one girl for your love.

I don't like dating, I have to say. I just use some listcrawler for finding girls online, and I can meet a lot of girls from there. I think it is a really great opportunity for single men Wink

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