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How to increase youtube views quickly?
How to get more & more youtube video views faster?
At fist one should think that whether the post is necessary for people or not. In fact the post should be on common topic/subject that people is looking for learning something about. One should give the attention in selecting the tittle of the post. Even it should be keyword based of relating subject that represents the selected tittle. If there is a possibility to have a new idea or something like that then it's very easy to get much more visitors for the post.
please some 1 explain i have same question...
To get more views post your video URL in social media viz. facebook, g+ and other websites
(10-01-2013, 01:42 AM)blackghost Wrote:  How to get more & more youtube video views faster?

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Hello Friends

Many people have become well-known, or even famous, because of their YouTube videos. But for every YouTube celebrity, there are thousands of people who have trouble getting views. If you want to get more views on your YouTube videos, then you have to not only make an amazing video, but you also have to know how to describe and share your creation. Using good descriptions, sharing your video with tons of people, and making sure your video looks great are a few ways to propel your video into the YouTube stratosphere.

Thanks Smile
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When you share a YouTube video on your channel then you of course expects to get lots of views but unfortunately you din’t get much views ,this not only affects your channel but also makes you unhappy ..!!
Internet is fully of false software’s that promises to help you to increase your YouTube views but unfortunately will ask you to buy them first.
8 Simple Tips to Increase Your Video Traffic :

1: Your Titles Are Worth Their Weight in Gold.
2: Add a “James Wedmore-Approved” Description.
3: Upload/Sync Your Transcript.
4: Add Your Custom Thumbnail.
5: Add The Subscribe Annotation.
6: Add Your External Link Annotation.
7: Add Your Subscribe Watermark.
8: Using Your Blog to Boost YouTube Views.
1. Load up Your Video Tags with Rich Keywords
2. Transcribe Your Videos and Post the Entire Transcript into Your Video Description
3. Reply to a Popular Video
4. Insert Keywords into Your Video Titles
5. Direct lots of links to your video
6. Insert Videos at the End of Your Video.
Publish demand post which people are looking. Visit Google Trends and research what topics are trending.
Write the suitable title, description and tags for the videos. it will help in ranking.
Attractive post for public demand and sense full content, title, description, videos. it will help in ranking.

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Annotations are a great way to point your viewers in the direction of watching your other videos, in order to drive up your view count across your entire channel.
There are many effective ways to increase youtube views fastly:-

• Feature it on your YouTube page.
• Choose a good thumbnail.
• Make your title short and interesting.
• Pick tags that will be good for SEO.
• Write a good video description.
• Take advantage of the nonprofit annotations on YouTube.
• Upload a transcript of your video in English and Spanish.
• Post early and often.

Thank You
The ways for increasing the views on YouTube suggested by other members already but I can suggest you one thing, don't go with the quick ways, it always put you in danger.
Post the quality content with the great message in your video on the trending topics and you can get the views faster
Don't forget to optimize the video title, thumbnail and description
Share the video link on your WhatsApp group, with your friends, also on other social media networking sites you used.

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