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How to increase profile percentage on odesk?
How can i increase my profile percentage on oDesk?
Check the hints under % there steps showing what to do. follow that.
Once you complete 1 then you will get another hint.
You have to fulfill the requirement of odesk. Then your percentage will increase.
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(12-26-2013, 08:49 AM)farzana Wrote:  How can i increase my profile percentage on oDesk?
First thanks for your question. You have to fill up all the information correctly and set a profile picture in the Odesk registration form. Then you have to attend in the odesk readiness test and must be qualified. Then you have to go for skill test. You have to qualify at least two skill test. At last you have to add portfolio that will proved you are skilled in assign job. So your profile will gather 100% and will get confirm job. Thanks.
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To increase the profile percentage on Odesk, you have to fulfill the requirement of Odesk. Read all the protocols of this website and be confident with the profile you have created, you must me genuine in Odesk. Then you saw that your percentage will automatically increase.
What is the percentage of your profile? I suggest to watch few videos on Youtube. You just need to search for videos with tag "how to complete my profile on Odesk".

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