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How to increase XP in
How to increase my XP faster?
By bidding on jobs, you can increase your XP in
Keep your mouse on 'Browse Projects' then click on 'XP Bonus Projects'. Then a list of jobs will appear which provides XP.
You can see how much xp you will get from the specific job. It's available on right corner of each job.
If you bid on a project, you will get the mentioned xp in your profile!
Thank you Sarah!

Now I'm applying only to those projects having XP Bonus! Big Grin
This was really an interesting topic which has given the best of the things to discuss over here. I am so much glad i got here, so that i can implement it on my blogs and work with more freelancers.
By getting more work and client reviews. Have a clean and on point portfolio which explain about your previous work and see the raised XP on your profile.

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