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How to create an eCommerce site using wordpress?
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Yes, Using WooCommerce Plugin you can create Ecommerce website.
To get started with WooCommerce, navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and Add New Plugin. Search for WooCommerce, and simply install and activate WooCommerce by WooThemes. After activating your plugin, you'll be prompted to Install WooCommerce with a wizard to take care of the initial settings.
How To Set Up a WordPress Ecommerce Website are:
A. WordPress as an ecommerce platform isn’t a good fit for everyone. Here’s a brief run down of reasons it would be a good fit:
- You want full control over your website
- You want to easily build out other portions of your site that aren’t ecommerce (blog, pages, etc)
- You don’t want the monthly & transaction fees of an integrated ecommerce platform like Shopify or BigCommerce
- You want to start small and build out your site as you grow (ie, and avoid the fees while doing so)
- You aren’t daunted by some technical work – ie, hearing the acronym “FTP” makes you more curious than scared (note – WordPress is built to be easy for first timers, but it’s not a click, click, done software either)
- You don’t plan on having a complicated payment processing system at first (ie, you’ll be using PayPal, Amazon or Google Wallet, not processing payments on your own server).
- WooCommerce works perfectly fine on SSL, but again, you’ll need that expertise to implement it properly
- You want a common platform where you can easily pull developers in on a project basis as you grow

B. WordPress will not be a good fit for you if:
- You want all the hosting and technical details simply taken care of (especially speed, etc)
- You are plan on having a full (ie, non-PayPal) integrated payments/inventory system right from the start without developer help (ie, - - - you’ll be selling across platforms like eBay/Etsy and need inventory numbers to be automatically updated – WooCommerce can do this, but it can be complicated)
- You want dedicated customer support that’s already paid for
- You want a single bundled predictable cost of software every month – rather than a potential developer bill

1. Getting Started – Installing WordPress
2. Intro to WordPress Ecommerce Options
3. Install Your Ecommerce Plugin
4. Get a Compatible WordPress Theme
5. General Store Settings
6. Setup Product Pages
You can create eCommerce website with using Wordpress with help of eCommerce Plugins and Templates
Qualcent : Wordpress plugin development Services
You can create your e commerce website in wordpress, for this you can use woocommerce plugin.
For making an e-commerce website in WordPress, you can use woo commerce plugin with many other. You have chosen the best e-commerce platform as WordPress because it is user friendly and easy to use and customize.
To started a Woo Commerce ,navigate to your WordPress Dashboard tO add new plugin.Simply install and activate WooComerce by Woo Themes.
This is very simple to create an eCommerce site using word press.
There are several plugins for eCommerce. You can try Woo-commerce plugin.
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