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How to create an agency or company in oDesk?
Friends, I'm new on oDesk. How can I create my own agency or company profile? Does it need special skills or requirements?

Please help me.

Thanks in advance Smile
Log in to your oDesk account. Go to Settings page. Click on + Create a company From the left end corner.
There, you will find the following 2 different options.
1. Create an agency (If you want to add contractors under you and find jobs for them)
2. Create a client company (If you want to hire freelancers to work)

Now, create as per your requirement.
Thank you Fatema! Smile
You can also join another crowdsourcing website Designhill where graphic design related requirement are posted and professional designers and developers are participating on various design/ development works and uploading their work on given time frame.
It is very easy process which any common person can do it by reading the reading what Odesk has given to create an account in their website. Still you have confusion than search in writersperhour writing service review blog for article which has step by step detailed explanation which can help you in creating company account.
Hi, when I wanted to order a website, I thought if I could easily edit it after receiving my finished site.
Once I came across this resource - , that's what I need, I created the site and I was able to easily edit it using a handy editor.

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