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How to claim a twitter username?

I have a business. I use a common username in almost all sites for my brand. But while signing up at twitter, I found it's taken. Now, is there any way to claim it? Please tell me the procedure.

You can have a specific username that is already been taken unless it is inactive.
If the user name that you want to get is inactive for 6 months or longer and if you have registered the name you want ,then you can get the taken user name.
so if you find tyhat the account seems inactive,
you can reguster that name by your domain with that name.
File an impersonation claim with Twitter.
Report an account for impersonation.

provide your email with that domain and wait for the response from Twitter authority.
1. Go to: /support.twitter.com/forms/impersonation
2. Make the selection for ‘I am being impersonated.’
3. Follow all the steps and fill the form, providing Twitter with the information requested.
4. Complete the form, giving a detailed description of why you think the username should be released. This is where you should tell them you own the .com and any other entities related directly to the username. (You will likely have to prove it by emailing them from the domain). If you have any registered trademarks or wordmarks for the name, you can tell them this as well.
5. Within a day or two you should get a response from Twitter support and have an answer.

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